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November 20, 2020 06:55

Today we see millions and millions of vehicles running n the road and the number is still increasing With such a huge flow of traffic, manual control and management of this heavy traffic flow is a daunting task. However, with the advent of new technologies and technological innovations, it is now easy for transport departments to manage the traffic.

The biggest challenge which the authorities face is communicating with the people. Often when there is a construction work in progress or some other kind of work like construction etc.  informing the arriving traffic is a difficult task but with the advent of Dynamic Messaging Sign, the task has been simplified.

What are Dynamic Message Signs?

The Dynamic Message Signs are traffic control devices which provide real-time traffic updates and other information to the driver. They are large display boards which are illuminated with LED lights. Owing to its dynamism and change of information they are also known Changeable Message Signs and Variable Message Signs. Whatever be the nomenclature, the work of these VMS is to update the traffic with the status of traffic, weather conditions, alternate route etc. so that there is no chaos and the traffic flows seamlessly.

Use of VMS or variable Message Signs:

As mentioned above Variable Message Signs are not merely restricted for traffic update rather they can be used for the various purpose, the likes of which include the following:

  • Traffic warning
  • Safety regulations
  • Alternate Route
  • Road Conditions
  • Weather update
  • Date, time and much more.

With the technological upgradations of these display signages, they have also undergone huge transformations; these VMSs are highly customizable products and hence, can be used to display various information, pictograms etc.

The objective of using a Variable Message Signs is that it provides drivers with all the necessary and advisory information. One of the impacts of the Variable Message Signs is that it works as a stress buster for the drivers since these keep them well-informed about the traffic status and alternate route, it helps in saving time and energy which otherwise becomes a reason for chaos on the road and sometimes result in road-rage.

Mobile VMS may ask drivers to alter their travel speed, change lanes, adopt different route, direct them to park and keeps them well-aware of the future traffic conditions which eventually cuts down the driver’s anxiety.

How do Variable Message Sign work?

The VMS is linked to the manual control center via radio link or local network. From this control system information is transmitted in codes via one-to-one communication links, radio network or a local network.

The VMS may display information in single line, double lines or more. Most of the VMss that are being used today run on three technologies:

  • Electro-Mechanical signs
  • Reflective flip-disk signs
  • Light emitting signs

Benefits of using Variable Message Sign work:

Well, we have already discussed that Variable Message Signs helps in cutting down the traffic congestion and also reduces the anxiety and stress of the drivers by keeping them well-informed about the traffic status.  Apart from this, they can be used for highlighting the speed limit, weather reports etc.

Since these signs can be placed at the roadside or can be hanged on a pole, they occupy least space and are visible from a long distance. If these Variable Message Signs are designed meticulously they don’t distract the drivers rather it worksas a great assistant to them.


All-in-all Variable Message Signs or Dynamic Message Signs are an integral part of an Intelligent Transport Management System and will continue to expand in the times to come. We can now use them to display graphics as well which makes them more popular and in demand.

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