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ETSI Launches Intelligent Transport Systems With Deployment Of VMS Signs

ETSI Launches Intelligent Transport Systems With Deployment Of VMS Signs

November 20, 2020 06:55

The need for safety is increasing now and the travellers are all given the facility of information that saves their lives and their journey. They are used to show the accident zones and the speed limits. To divert the traffic and to explain any traffic conditions to the traffic.

Other than this, the types of VMS Signs are useful in different ways on the roads.

This technology has started with neon lights and now they are designed with led lights and some high power lights to make them visible from a very long distance and in dark climates.

Some of the vms are scrolling and they are changeable and the electronic vms.

These are now automated to avoid any physical strain to the operator.  The intelligent transport system is also for regulating the traffic and also the management of the traffic problems. The government has applied this intelligent transport system to monitor every moment of the vehicles on the roads and the wireless communication will help in receiving the data online and to protect the passengers too.

The independent ETSI also expanded as the European Telecommunications Standard Institute has launched this with the VMS. The methods involved in this intelligent transport system are based on the gps and also using the smart phones.

This system has different notification system and the speed cameras and the red light cameras and also the level crossing systems are easily detected and the license plates are also detected using this.

The ETSI has launched the new program called ITS for the transportation and the use of the VMS signs in various parts of Europe for monitoring the moment of the vehicles on the roads on the highways and also on the streets. They have launched to have an optimal data of the usage of the roads and also the road safety and also the security and this is proved. This new launch is helping everyone to get the real time data about the information about the traffic also.

The digital maps are made and they are installed in the vehicles so that they help in the management of the dynamic lanes and also controlling the variable speeds. The cargo concept of e freight is also succeeded in this. The architecture of the ITS framework and the electronic tolling for the vehicles to facilitate the free flow tolling which will include the border crossing and also providing the assistance for the drivers for their safety. More than 75% of the people are showing interest in the installation of these e call services.

The vms signs are deployed in the ITS to update every information to the driver. The variable message signs are sometimes activated by the drivers who are speeding. The dynamic message signs are the conceptions used by VMS. These are the integrated traffic solutions to equip in every vehicle for safe monitoring and the use of these intelligent traffic solutions will also tell about the occurrence of any accidents on the roads and any violations. The ITS traffic solutions are now recommended and safe to use for a better road safety.

These features are well developed in the labs of Europe and then they are launched. The important points and the task for which the intelligent transport systems are developed are all met during the testing phase and then they are released out. The aim is to see the safer roads with no accident and no loss of life and this is achieved by the application of the ITS in the vehicle you are driving and other safety measures are also needed for this.

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