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Effective Ways To Manage Traffic By Using Traffic Signs

Effective Ways To Manage Traffic By Using Traffic Signs

November 20, 2020 06:55

Around the World, Vehicular traffic is  becoming a chronic problem and practically there is no solution headed by  the government and Urban Planners.  The Rate of accidents are increasing with the population growth. We need to overcome from this problem very soon as it is becoming a svere headache for everyone.

With the growing technology, many Companies took steps to manage traffic  with many ways by making driver feedback sign. By using the traffic signs we can easily get rid of the traffic unless the  citizens should follow these signs.

Radar speed signs:

Radar speed signs are basically the LED  display which is mounted on  the side of the roads. It helps the driver to decrease speed when they are driving above the requied limit.  Radar speed limit signs are mainly used in school zones, colleges and on high traffic roads where the risk of accidents are more. The main thing is that every citizen should follow these signs and make region a risk free zone.

However, these signs are also very useful in hilly areas where roads are curvy and not enough wide, these signs help drivers to be alert on every curve and make them safe. The signs display the speed of approaching vehicles, making speeding drivers aware that they are exceeding the speed limit

The series of “Your speed signs” offers the best and economical solution to help drivers to low his speed in low speed areas. These pole-mounted signs features 9” characters which can be seen from much distance. Which awares the driver and he lowers his speed in the traffic affected areas on the streets, where so many small accidents occur every day.

Driver feedback signs is  a versatile and cost-effective way to command the attention of speeding drivers, and tends them to slow down. Every feedback sign detects the fastest and lowest speed of each passing vehicle via radar. Using this important data, it can be determined that how many cars speed up,  get slow down, or maintained speed when moving through the radar zone. Thus, each driver feedback sign can prove its own effectiveness.

Benefits if radar Signs:

  • High contrast resolution LED design for day and nighttime visibility
  • In addition to speed limit display, ‘slow down’ text, smile/sad face emoticon, and unique features.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Actively encourages driver compliance to the required speeds.
  • Smart data collection and download provide key insights for decision making.
  • Easy to install and programmable through Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Tough resistance to the natural elements—low maintenance

 How Effective the radar signs are:

Studies have proven that slowing traffic down will greatly reduce the chances of a fatal accident involving pedestrians and automobiles. A pedestrian hit by a car at 40 mph has a 90% fatality rate at 20 mph the fatality rate decreases to 10%. Radar signs are effective in creating real and positive change in driver behavior, even after long periods of time


These signs are very reliable and user friendly as these are shown from the kilometers away and easy to operate the road in planning way.


These Radar signs are much durable as compared to other boards. This sign comes with the 2 to 3 years of  the warranty period.


Hence, it has proven that radar lights, plays the important role if we talk about managing the traffic, and stay safe from the accidents. Moreover, this advanced technique brings a major change in the behavior of traffic. So everybody should follow these radar signs and keep the world safe and happy.

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