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November 20, 2020 06:55

With the recent trend of rapid digitization around the globe, the usage of digital signage has become very popular. Digital signage provides the right way to display important messages or contents with full legibility.  In construction, traffic or maintenance area, the trailer-mounted solar message board is mostly used to provide great visibility to message signs. Having solar powered message board, it also reduces cost and thus has become the first choice for contractors. There are a large variety of trailer-mounted solar message board which are used in different places according to their requirement like double sided variable message board which is used mostly in highway to display messages, colour message board in traffic areas(airport, bus stop, train station, etc.) to display attractive messages and signs to passers-by, 3 line mini message board which can display messages in 3 lines on the board, full matrix message board which can display any kind of messages or contents for its full flexibility and also there are more like double sided residential variable message board, federal signal and emergency vehicle message board etc. As these are mounted in trailer, they can be moved easily to anywhere.

You may also have noticed solar DMS signs beside of national roads or highways. Solar DMS signs are used in places where traditional electric message signs are not easy to setup. A full matrix message sign can provide a solution to almost every type of message content display whether it is an image, number or alphanumeric character, all can be displayed on it. This product can be used in every place irrespective of the display nature. For this reason, it is being used widely by many industries.Besides, there are also several reasons which made solar dms signs popular, those are discussed underneath-

  • Brightness: A typically LED with 3-4 watt of power consumption can provide around 250 lumens of light. Which is more efficient than any traditional sign techniques.
  • No constraints on electrical installation: When the solar cell is used to provide power, no need of electric installation at all. As this solar sign board comes with pre-configured accessories, it becomes easily ready. In traditional message signs, a long electric cable is needed to setup a distant board but in solar message signs it can be easily put in any place without worrying about any electrical installation constraints.
  • Reducing operational & maintenance cost: Solar DMS signs are very easy to setup and it also has a long life. As the board displays messages using LEDs, less power is consumed. With the advancement of technology, electronic equipment has become very efficient and less prone to occur faults thus after a single time installation cost, maintenance cost is almost nil.
  • Lowest carbon footprint: As a good citizen of the country, it is our duty to make and keep our environment green. The solar powered variable message signs use solar power which reduces the carbon footprint form our environment.

If we look at its technical feature, solar message signs are run by a microprocessor with 12v of power supply and the structure is commonly build of steel or aluminum. As the global demand of solar message signs has increased largely, many conglomerate companies are getting involved in producing and supplying DMS signs. The competition has already started and thus everyone is trying to provide awesome products in lower rates to stay in line in the competitive market. A typical LED can have a lifetime of 280k-300k hours which is almost about 34 years. That means if it does not get damaged by external things, it can run for 34 years without at a single run.


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