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November 20, 2020 06:55

If you recently had a road trip then you must have noticed that led variable message signs are now being used to provide information to the travellers. In the era of technology, variable message signs has been used widely throughout the world. When it is important to pass information to travellers, nothing can replace the modern dynamic message signs which comes with cutting edge technology and also with bouquet of features. Imagine a road in Minnesota, US has been blocked by winter storm, it is nearly impossible for a traveller or a car driver to read warning messages in the storm and also in such situation, providing real-time information in traditional way is difficult. In such scenario, led variable message signs comes handy, as the LEDs have powerful illumination feature, it can be seen from a great distance and as the information in such device can be updated in real time, passing information to the travellers gets easy.

Though mobile VMS or variable message signs is mostly used in roadways, it is also beingused by other industries too. In a big production factory, VMS can be used to keep real time track of daily production and also to pass information to workers. In hospital, it can be used to provide information to the patient party so that they don’t need to loiter here and there or always ask the receptionist.Providing discounts is a great way to attract customers, which can be easily displayed by variable message signs. That is why now almost every shopping mall is installing VMS in there different sections. Beside these domains, there are many other domains(like train platforms, airports etc.)who can use VMS.

Reasons behind LED Variable message sign’s popularity:

  • Minimum operational and maintenance cost –Now a days these devices are more durable than it was before, one time installation is only needed. In case of maintenance, it is almost maintenance free, only needed if it gets damaged by external things.Typical LEDs have lifetime up to 300000 hours which is equal to almost 34 years.
  • Installation without electric cables- Variablemessage signs also comes in solar forms. The solar VMS installation does not need lot of electric cables. Places or roads where getting electricity is not so convenient, Solar VMS comes handy and it saves expenses from buying lot of cables.
  • More illumination and less cost –As LEDs have great illumination feature, it is easily visible from a far distance. For its brightness in low power consumption, it saves a lot from electricity bills.
  • Minimum carbon footprint-Carbon emission leads to global temperature increase, as VMS runs on electricity as well as in solar power, carbon footprint is almost zero. As a good citizen of future, it is our duty to shape the present and make the future safe. And this VMS installation can be interpreted as a small step towards greener future.

Now, if you want to know the technical specifications of led variable message signs, well for your information it is discussed underneath:

Variable message signs are made of LEDs which is arranged in matrix order. A full matrix VMS is capable to display message along with animations and images. Whereas a half matrix VMS can only display alphanumeric messages. In the background of every Variable message sign board there is a microprocessor which runs by a 12V power supply. As the VMS boards are great in demand, many companies are coming up with new products and also to stay in the competition they are offering products in low cost.


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