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Display Your Welcome Message With Programmable Led Sign

Display Your Welcome Message With Programmable Led Sign

November 20, 2020 06:55

Digitization has given us many products which have revolutionized the mode of doing business and our lifestyle. Earlier advertisement and information dissemination were restricted t a limited number of options , however, with the advent of technology we have seen the rise of a digital billboard, LED display board, VMSs etc. that have made information dissemination not only easy but also increased the speed of the same.

The most recent development in the field of LED display board is the upsurge of programmable LEDs which are experiencing growing popularity with each passing day. Prime reason for this is the programmable LED can be programmed to display information and customize it as per the requirement. Unlike the previously used LED display boards which displayed only specific information, the programmable LED is most customizable .

Necessity is the mother of invention:

Normally, static LED display board was used to convey a message, however when there was a large data to be displayed, the message had to be changed every time but with the advent of scrolling displays, the problem can be solved. The scrolling LED are pre-programmed , they have a pre-programmed controller.

The scrolling or moving LED have wide application , you can easily find of these as nameplate display, train number display etc.  One of the most innovative ways that programmable LED sign was used was seen at  the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to welcome Ryan Moore. A special welcome message was displayed using the programmable LED display board. Ryan has known Hillary Clinton for a long time and his appearance at the Democratic National Convention filled the crowd with emotion  and appreciation.

Such customizable use of LED display board can see at various places like hotel, malls, railway station airport where the authorities want to convey important messages. Since they can be animated , such messages catch the attention of the crowd and the information gets conveyed in the right manner.

As compared to the static LED display signs boards the programmable LED display board consumes 70% lesser power which makes it an energy efficient device and pocket-friendly too.

Here is the key advantage of using programmable LED

  • Can be easily customized
  • Consumes 70% lesser energy than traditional LED display board
  • The information can be easily changed using microcontroller
  • Animation can also be added which makes display sign board more attractive and eye catching.
  • RED is used as LED in the programmable LED display board ; RED has a wavelength of 600nm and once the information displayed using RED can be seen from a longer distance.
  • The components required making a good and efficient programmable LED are easily available in the market which makes its manufacturing very easy.

Key features of programmable LED:

  • Customizable can be animated, pictures can be added etc. which makes it more eye-catching.
  • Can be placed both indoor and outdoor
  • Weather –proof
  • Can be used to display large data
  • Visible even from a longer distance
  • It is cost-efficient and requires low maintenance

Our Role:

Photonplay manufacturers both static and scrolling LED display board , however, in our tenure of work we are observing rising inclination of people towards scrolling pre-programmable LED display board. Prime reason for this is its highly customizable feature and ability easily controls the flow of a large number of data that too error free.  Photon play employs some of the most popular technologies and professionals to design and architect our programmable LED signs. If you wish to install on of the scrolling LED display board, Photonplay offers you a gamut of choices. Get in touch with us today by call or email.

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