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Digital Bumper Stickers

Digital Bumper Stickers

November 20, 2020 06:55

Electronic bumper stickersare used to share your thoughts and feelings with the road in a whole new way!

A road tested, low power LCD display that mounts on the back of your car and displays your bumper stickers for all to see: rugged construction high brightness full color LCD screen designed for outdoor applications and sunlight readability, IP65 tested (no problem taking it through the car wash).

Scrolling electronic Signs

In today's road environment and traffic situations, static roadside signs are not enough. Public vehicles need information about current travel conditions in a timely and relevant manner.

This is the reason why highway traffic managers prefer scrolling electronic signs in order to aid in traffic flow and alert drivers about current travel conditions.

How does it work?

The high resolution, high brightness, LCD display is custom designed for outdoor applications. It’s an LCD screen for the back of your car where you place creative stickers that reflect you:

Best of all, you can change your messages to suit your life, your mood and any special occasion.

You can upload your own content. You can choose to keep the stickers you create just for you or sell it to the world and make a profit from your clever, creative ideas.

How do I install?

Here are the basic steps:

Before using any of the included adhesives, place the stickers where you would like to mount it on the back of your car.  Remember where the sticker touches the car on both the left and right sides.  Also, the USB cable attaches to the top left of the display.  For aesthetic purposes, position the stickers to minimize the amount of cable that is visible.  The bottom of the plastic sticker enclosure includes a channel where you can discretely route the cable if you decide to place the stickers on the right side of the rear of your car.

Cut two strips of the included 3M adhesive tape to approximately one half the height of the sticker unit and apply them to the left and right side of the unit in the area that was touching the car.  Press and hold the tape for ~15 seconds for the adhesive to set.  The 3M tape is specially designed for automotive applications and will not damage your car's paint.  Note, the more tape you use the harder it is to remove.

Plug in the USB cable and wrap it around and into the interior of your automobile.  The truck lid or lift gate of your car has weather stripping around the edge which will conform itself to the USB cable and will prevent damage to the cable and the car.

Radar Feedback Signs –

Radar feedback signs designed to increase driver speed awareness and roadway safety for residential communities, schools & educational corridors and road construction sites, military bases, police enforcement zones and just about anywhere speeding is a problem.

This is a solution to slow traffic and helpful in state and local agencies in making tell planning and enforcement decisions based on timely access to collected data.


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