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CTA Adds More Bus Transit Signs To Train Stations

CTA Adds More Bus Transit Signs To Train Stations

November 20, 2020 06:55

Technology has swiped the world and affected most of the industries, a good application of modernization and digitization is seen in the wide application of bus transit display and metro transit signs which have become a common device at bus stands and railway stations. Although the technology is not very new, yet, it has gained popularity in recent years.

With intent to make commute easy and comfortable for people, the CTA or Chicago Transit Authority has installed new bus transit displays at 51 stations. These bus transit signs will help the people travelling from the train to check the arrival of the buses so that they can board the bus on time avoiding any kind of complexities and chaos.

The move is seen as a way to help the bus travellers to be well-informed about the bus arrival and departure. The total budget allotted for this project is around $1.3 million under which 51 stations have been covered by CTA and they have installed 66 bus transit signs.

The stations covered under this plan:

  • Belmont and 95th/Dan Ryan on the Red Line
  • Kimball on the Brown Line
  • Kedzie-Homan &Jefferson Park on the Blue Line
  • Kedzie on the Orange Line

Before installing these bus transit signs at the station, they were only placed on bus shelter but this initiative will surely help the commuters.

Key feature of the new bus transit display:

  • The newly installed bus transit signs will provide information about the bus arrival within 30 minutes timeframe.
  • The bus tracker system is also available in the form of email and text alerts. All you need to do is sign up at transitchicago.com or they can also download the free Ventra app to receive bus arrival alert.
  • More than 400 bus transit display have been placed at bus shelters and railways stations. Apart from train transit signs, railway platform will now see a preponderance of bus transit sings.
  • Using the GPS system to estimate the arrival of the bus.

How will these signs help the commuters?

The good part about technology is that it has made our lives more comfortable. The new bus transit display installed by CTA at the railway station and bus shelters will keep the commuters well-informed about the arrival of the bus or if there is any delay in the arrival so that they can plan their travel accordingly. This will not only save the time of passengers but will also help in reducing chaos and confusion which usually commuters have to face in case of late information dissemination. All-in-all this move it to make the bus journey comfortable and at the same time comforting.

This is an example of just a city there are many places where bus transit signs have made their presence strong, they have become an integral part of the ITM or Intelligent Traffic Management System. As the technology will evolve so will these transit signs and display boards will also undergo transition and better versions will come up.

Our Role:

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Our designed and developed bus transit displays, bus transit signs , train transit signs and metro transit signs are very popular and all this because our products are of high-grade quality and at the same time we have never compromised on the quality of the products. You can connect with us to know more about the products.

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