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Coweta County Board to bring in new Radar Speed Signs to improve safety on Vaughn Road

Coweta County Board to bring in new Radar Speed Signs to improve safety on Vaughn Road

November 20, 2020 06:55
radar-speed-signs.png Every year many people are losing their lives on the roads of this Coweta County. The government has given all the facilities to avoid the accidents and still there is no result and there are a few other plans to end these accidents. The beautiful county is facing problems and it is affecting the population. The safety measures and the road signs are implemented as many lives are lost. The Vaughn road is located in between two hills and the bend in the road has become a curse to the population. The major cause is identified and this is because of the speeding vehicles at that turn and the speed signs are installed to control the traffic from accidents. The minimum speed must be maintained. The restricted speed must be followed on the road while traveling and it is violated and the most lives lost on these roads are mostly the young. These accidents are caused by drinking or over speeding. The already marked signs on the roads are not visible in the night and the safety is completely taken as a priority to stop losing more lives. Even the people are killed in the early mornings. Many families lost their lives in this.   The city of Georgia in US is famous for its tourism and the place is populated. This place has an unforgettable history and the place is decorated with natural mountains and hills and the lovely climate and the adventurous sports around this place are eye catching. The roads are becoming a major issue these days because the Vaughn road is the reason for many deaths. Several people lost their lives on this road. The road is located between two hills and this road has a curve and this has become the biggest challenge for the transport and the traffic department to control the accidents and saving the lives. This road has a curve and that curve is filled with trees on the sides. When the vehicles are running on the roads some restrictions are made. These restrictions include the speed limiting and also usage of the stop signs. The recent developments are stared to implement the speed signs on the turn. These are all made previously and the lines that are drawn on the roads are not clearly visible. Many people lost their lies some lost their families. The loss faced by each family is unbearable. The youth and the families are died with many reasons. The reasons are people are drinking while driving and the over speeding. The accidents that are occurring at the turns are increasing rapidly. From years the road is witnessing many accidents in many ways. There are several remedies taken to avoid these accidents in all the years but they have failed to serve the purpose.   The speed limit is usually 35 for the road and this is not being followed by any of the users and they are just going at a speed of 45. This speeding at that turn is the reason for accidents and the government has decided to reduce the speed of the vehicles from 35 to 25 and the required steps are taken. The installation of radar speed signs is one successful attempt. The transport department and the traffic officials are planning for installation of the radar signs for speed. These are radar based signs that are helping in making the driver knew at which speed he is driving the vehicle. These are to show them their unsafe speed which is crossing the actual speed limit. There are chances in which the speed bumps are not visible due to shade or due to the night, but these radar speed signs are made with led lights so that they are visible in the night and in the day. The usage off these radar speed signs on the Vaughn road will help the drivers to know their sped and helps them in controlling it before something goes wrong. These radar speed signs are used in many places of US and are all successful in controlling the speed of the vehicles. These radar speed limit signs are being used on the highways and are working effectively in controlling the accidents caused b over speeding. These are being used in places where there in a high movement of the pedestrians. The drivers can foresee their speed and can reduce their speed before they reach these places. The driver feedback signs are also playing a role in monitoring the driver’s movement on the road and let them know the way how they are driving. If the driver is going in a wrong way then he will be notified with these signs. Several manufactures are providing some advanced technologies in these radar speed signs. These safety measures will help in the reduction of accidents on the roads of Coweta County and especially on the Vaughn road.    

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