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Can Electronic ‘Driver Feedback’ Signs Give a Ticket?

Can Electronic ‘Driver Feedback’ Signs Give a Ticket?

November 20, 2020 06:55

State Farm Driver Feedback App Aims to Make You a Better Driver

When it comes to distracted driving, there are few things that have the ability to cause distractions like mobile phones. While many car insurance companies provide smart phone applications that offer policy service, State Farm’s Driver Feedback app, currently available for devices running Apple iOS, including iPhones and iPod touch models, has a different goal than being an outlet for customer service. Mobile VMS signs also the latest technology for traffic safety. It has endeavored to provide high-quality products with the latest technology innovations and unrivaled aftercare. it continually adds to and updates our range of mobile variable message signs, mobile traffic sensor trailers, mobile CCTV and speed indication products. This app aims to make you a better driver.


State Farm's driver feedback signs to looks to measure three of driving behaviors that have been singled out by the national highway traffic safety administration as some of the riskiest: accelerating too quickly, braking too hard and cornering too fast, or as state farm calls them, the ABCs of driving.

The application Mobile VMS signs utilize the accelerometer within iOS devices to record your acceleration, braking, and cornering. Each of these three factors is measured and recorded, and the application awards scores for each of them, as well as an overall score that averages the three out.

Tracking your driving habits is done by recording trips. Once you set the program to record, you simply place your device on a flat surface or just drop it into a cup holder. Either will work, as long as the phone or iPod is pointing towards the front of the car. The program then calibrates based on its position.

Since smart phones can be such distractions, once the program goes into record mode, you’re simply given a black screen with a large button to stop recording.

Reviewing and comparing trips

Once you’ve recorded a couple of trips, you can see how the application ranks your driving, which is where the application shines with driver feedback signs. You can review individual trips, and for GPS enabled devices such as iPhones, specific incidents of concern are even displayed on a map.

Shortfalls and limitations

For those who are hoping to utilize the application for savings on their car insurance, we’re afraid to report that State Farm doesn’t track your data. This application is just for personal use. Come to think of it, for some, the fact that the insurer doesn’t track your performance may be a good thing.

The application is also very limited. It doesn’t take into account things like speeding, despite measuring rate of acceleration. We were able to post our best score on a trip down Interstate 75 well above the speed limit. It also will dock your score for acceleration if you’re entering a freeway and attempting to get up to speed before you leave yours on the ramp.

However, as a bonus, multiple drivers can use the same device, so you’re not limited to simply comparing your own performance. You can compare your driving performance to your spouse, other family members, or even your friends.

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