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Be Aware About Sign Boards While Playing Pokémon Go In Real Life Locations

Be Aware About Sign Boards While Playing Pokémon Go In Real Life Locations

November 20, 2020 06:55
CKS_Terminal_1_FIDS.jpg Who thought that a game could make people go balmy across the globe? The popularity of this game needs no proof, you can find a guy or a girl next to you holding phone and looking for Pokémon. The recent incident that shows that craze for this game surfaced in Rhodes, Australia. As per the reports around 300 people congregated outside the residential apartment in the inner-west Australia. They were a player with water bombs by the residents in order to disperse the 300 Pokémon players. This is not the only incidence rather there are many others that are taking place across the globe. The obsession to find Pokémon has so badly influenced the people that sometimes they not only put their life at risk but disturb the people around them; Rhode’s issue is just an example. Another incident took place in Sapporo just a few days back when a student was trying to find Pokémon while cycling and then crashed into another bicycle. Although there was not much of injury yet, but has raised some serious concern about the players’ safety while they are on Pokémon hunt in public places or at home. A spate of accidents and mishaps have been reported post the launch of this augmented reality game. Apart from these accidents, people have been warned about some serious health concern like skin cancer; since most of the time people are outdoor searching for Pokémon, they get exposed to sun rays which may instigate skin cancer in the long run. People have been warned to be cautious while they play the game. Off lately a driver was found playing the game while driving. The authorities have presaged people not to get too engrossed while playing the game as it can result in life-threatening accidents. It is also advisable to mount digital signages across the road and other places showing warning sing or creating no play zone. Some steps that need to be taken:
  • Beware while playing the game
  • Do not play in heavy traffic area
  • Avoid going out in the sun after 10 AM and before 4 PM
  • Apply sunscreen lotion
  • Installation of sign boards and programmable LED signs that could warn people about the traffic or danger zone
Despite the serious concerns that Pokémon Go has created, it has to severe addiction in people which will take some time to evaporate. Till then the only solution is to take necessary precaution while playing the game. Our Role: Photonplay, a renowned name in the manufacturing of digital signages has an array of products that exemplifies state of the art technology. Our digital signages vertical manufactures products like LED signs, programmable LED signs etc. which are an absolute necessity for to ensure public safety and information dissemination. Recent incidences like the one in Rhodes or Sampara school shows that such signs are mandatory to warn students and others about the danger zone and inform them about traffic etc. Phontonplay LED signs are highly recommended product because of the following reasons:
  • Clear visibility even from a long distance
  • Single color, two color and multi color display
  • Weather-proof
  • Energy efficient
  • Works sagaciously even after rigorous use
  • Cost effective
  • The programmable LEDs can be synced with real-time information display
  • Cannot be vandalised easily
Photonplay recommends its programmable LED signs, these latest technology tools can help to avoid many mishaps. Apart from warning, these LED signs can be used to broadcast necessary information to people without any time lag. Seeing the unprecedented growth of Pokémon Go installation of such digital LED signs is very important . Get in touch with us to know more about our products and how they can benefit you in myriads of ways.

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