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Affordable And Portable Radar Speed Signs For Changing Traffic Management

Affordable And Portable Radar Speed Signs For Changing Traffic Management

November 20, 2020 06:55
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Intelligent Traffic Management System is gaining pace these days especially with their compact design and long visibility they turn out to be a popular way to control the traffic and inform people about the speed limit. Prime reason for their growth is their quick response time and flawless data collection which is inevitable for a seamless traffic management.

The biggest concern that bothers the people is the over-speeding vehicle which sometimes leads to accidents, apart from this we have issues like traffic jams, slow traffic movement, this has given rise to the need of a system which can help in managing this traffic and control their flow. Radar Speed Signs are one such device which helps to raise awareness about the speed limit and allows seamless traffic flow.

What are radar speed signs?

Radar Speed Signs are nothing but digitized boards which are illuminated with LED and shows the speed of the approaching vehicle. The sole objective of the radar speed sign is to inform the driver of the speed of the approaching vehicle and also tell about the speed limit of the particular area. It also intimates the driver in case they are over-speeding.

Radar Speed Signs are being used by authorities to ensure traffic management and to inform people about the speed limits, they are popular by various names like

  • Vehicle Activated Signs
  • Speed Display Board
  • Traffic Calming Signs
  • Your Speed Sign
  • Driver Feedback Signs etc.

Application of Radar Speed Signs:

When it comes to their application, Radar Speed Signs signs are highly customizable product and can be used at various places. Companies manufacturing these signs have innovated the product and now they are not merely used to display numerals but also pictograms which are more –eye-catching and at the same time they are found to be more effective.n order to make these signs even more interesting, companies today use electronic led signs which runs the same information but in different colors.

Some of the popular application of radar speed sign includes:

  • They can be installed near schools and colleges. This especially becomes more useful at the time children are coming to the school or leaving.
  • Radar Speed Signs can be placed in residential complexes where one needs to drive within the speed limit.
  • Many construction sites use monitor forklifts and other types of trucks and hence they need these speed signs to inform the driver about the speed of the vehicle and also inform the driver about the speed limit that should be maintained in a construction zone.
  • Radar Speed Signs are perfect traffic calming solution.
  • Radar Speed signs are perfect for places where physical barriers cannot be installed like snow-covered streets.
  • Places of high sensitivity like hospitals, malls, and the court where one needs to slow down their vehicle speed.
  • They are perfect for highways where being aware of the speed of approaching vehicle can cut down the number of mishaps and problem of over-speeding which is very common on highways.
  • And most importantly Radar Speed Signs are the compact and comprehensive solution for speed control. Furthermore, they are better looking than speed bumps which affect the driver’s comfort.

Key Features:

The company’s manufacturing Radar Speed Signs have innovated it in different ways, for example, that can be of the standards type which shows the speed limit, your own speed, slow down etc. It can be programmed based on the speed of the motorist. Many companies are now manufacturing radar speed signs which are either battery—operated or they work on solar energy which makes them eco-friendly as well. The crux of the matter is that Radar Speed Signs are the future of Intelligent Traffic Management System which will definitely help in removing the bottlenecks of traffic.


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