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A Ticker Tape With The Poise Of A Contemporary Art Piece

A Ticker Tape With The Poise Of A Contemporary Art Piece

November 20, 2020 06:55

Ticker tape uses technology like LED, LCD to illustrate contents. It can display content as digital pictures, video and streaming information. The tape is always in motion and data in ticker tape updated continuously by the different stock exchanges. With the help of ticker tape, you can follow the activities of stocks. Stock market ticker display is an important tool to display updated market information continuously. Its basic purpose is to advertise the products and brands or we can say that it is used for marketing purpose. Nowadays ticker tape becomes elegance or balances art piece or we can say that it becomes an important technology to increase your brand value. Digital signage becomes a commanding tool in every industry. Smaller businessmen also use this technology with the aim of making money and benefit.

Stock Ticker Tape

 It is the digital medium for communication. The expression “stock ticker” comes from the mechanical device named as “ticker tape machine”. From small firms to big firms everyone uses ticker tapes to tell the latest market activity. You can show a different type of financial data on LED ticker like stocks, world indices, and currencies. It broadcast stock prices across telegraph lines. Stock market ticker display is an important tool to display market information. With the help of stock ticker tape, you can track every movement of stocks. It has a great purpose for those who are interested in stock movements. If you are new in this field you can read the ticker tape segment wise. In the first segment, there is ‘ticker symbol’, the second segment tells us about ‘a number of shares traded’ after that there is ‘trading price’ and in the last segment there is information about ‘direction of change amount’.

Stock market ticker display

TO display updated market information continuously, you can use stock market ticker display. LED ticker display helps viewers to stay side by side of quickly changing the financial market situation. Banks, business schools and other firms related to finance, use LED stock ticker display to transmit the most recent market activity. You can check different type of financial data on Ticker display like Stocks, Bonds, and currencies. LED ticker display also known as LED ticker tape, NYSE stock ticker and Reuter’s ticker and so on. Ticker tape display is a significant device to show real-time market information. LED ticker display replaces the controlled lighted disk and it is progressing till now. It starts with a single color after sometimes it become tri-color and at present it is full-color LED ticker display. It becomes an optical sign of financial bazaar.

Programmable LED Sign

Programmable Led sign is the best solution for increasing customers and visitors inside your workspace. It is the best method to advertise your product and brand. It communicates social messages, real-time information and promotes company events. Programmable LED sign is affordable and flexible; you can use it anywhere like schools, churches, restaurants, and factory. It has to scroll, flashing and audio capability. These LED displays can be programmed according to your need with Sigma software. LED signs are easy to program and maintain. Programmable LED sign is cost effective. Programmable LED sign does not just advertise products or brands; they help to promote social messages also.  Both single sided and double-sided display are available in the market.

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