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A New Platform To Inspire Traders For Virtual Trading

A New Platform To Inspire Traders For Virtual Trading

November 20, 2020 06:55

Trading and investing are two of the things which don’t come to a person inherently. Most people sometimes spend a fortune of their money on the stocks with zero returns and succumb into bankruptcy. So, if you are planning to get in a career that involves trading and basically hitting the wall street, then you have to be prepared for it.

And thanks to some business school, you can learn all about it through a virtual trading portal created just for the learning purpose.

Virtual online trading platform

This platform is the TrackInvest. They have gone the whole nine yards to help the aspiring students get the real feel of how trading looks like. And in this pursuit, they have already partnered with Indian School of Business' NSE-ISB Laboratory to start something which will redefine the learning parameters for a trader/investor. If you are fascinated by the led stock tickers of an exchange, then this is something that will help you hone your skills and get the best out of your virtual training. They are organizing a competition that is going to be on a global platform and it is called “Beat the Street”. We will come back to this later.

TrackInvest is easy to understand and there are only three steps to start the virtual trading. First, you have to choose a subscription. Here you get various types of features and rewards that will help you in gaining a better understanding of how the trading world works.

The next step is to build your portfolio. This is the real field where you would be buying and selling stocks using virtual cash, of course. People who want to know whether they are meant to gauge the financial stock ticker for the rest of their lives will be able to do so now. You will be trading and investing just like in a real stock exchange. Moreover, aspiring traders who have their own theories for investment can go on to test them now.

What is beat the street?

TrackInvest has come up with something that is totally innovative in the form of ‘Beat the Street’. Now, this might just be a virtual competition but a student who wants to make a future in this arena will actually be competing with other students from top business schools. This will not only prep them for everything that is coming but it will also inspire them to do great. A person who wants to get in the stock exchange will be able to test his/her real skills.

There is going to be a strong presence of social media and some golden rules of stock trading/investing will be shared through this competition. So, the student who wants to spend time in a room that has LED ticker will be able to live their dream virtually. Moreover, what could be better than knowing everything about your future career option by understanding some tricks and practices that happens globally around the world.

A lot of reputed students will be showing their support and participation. These include INSEAD, Kelloggs and NUS.

How to play the game?

If you are already interested in entering the competition, then you should know more about its basic rules. The competition is going to be a team effort and each team will consist of two students. An initial virtual currency of at least USD100,000  will be deposited in the account of each team. The participants will be able to trade across top 10 stock markets around the which includes NSDQ, SZSE, LSE, SHEK, NYSE, SSE, NSE, SET, SGX and ASX.

So, with this students will be able to learn everything about their future profession in real-time.

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