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Train Metro Transit Display

The technology is moving very fast and has affected the lifestyle in multiple ways. The development of train metro transit displays is one such development that has modernized the traditional train information system. With everything becoming digital and all the information available on real-time, it becomes easy for passengers to travel and keep a watch on time.

Photonplay has an expertise in this domain and has a gamut of choices for various requirements falling under the train transit display information system. These LED displays have become very common on the railway platforms and in the trains and to a great extent, have streamlined the passenger flow and information dissemination. Photonplay has long been in the manufacturing of train metro transit display signs and because of its cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency, the products are popular.

Key features of our transit signs:

  • Rugged and robust layout
  • Weatherproof
  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • LED illuminated
  • Visibility from a long distance
  • Works on real–time
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be configured to display other information like greetings, advertisements
  • Customizable, can be altered as per the requirement of the client


Why choose Photonplay?

Photonplay offers a gamut of choices when it comes to training display information system. We have always ensured using state of the art technology to manufacture our products. Photonplay covers myriad of products under its umbrella, the likes include:

  • Train platform display
  • PIDS – Passenger Information Display System
  • Next, stop display


Key benefits

  • Has a common graphical user interface
  • Works on real time hence always display accurate information
  • Legible display of characters
  • Available in single color, two color, and multi-color format

All our products are developed in-house under the strict supervision of our research team. Moreover, we continue to improve the standard and functioning of the product by introducing new developments. Photonplay has the sole proprietary over the technology used to manufacture LED signs for trains. Since everything is manufactured within the premises of Photonplay hence quality is always a guaranteed.

The train transit display signs are the need of the hour and a prime requirement to improve railway information and transit system. The authorities have found it of immense effectiveness in managing the passenger flow and at the same time it has reduced the delay and chaos that happens due to lack of information. The train transit system works on real-time and hence it keeps the passengers well-informed about the train routes, timing, delays and other bottlenecks that were of common occurrence prior to application of these LED signs.

Photonplay gives you the best products in the market with an assurance of quality. Since all our products are quality test passed and as per the specified standards, they require low maintenance and can be used both indoor and outdoor. Since these products run 24*7 hence we have ensured that it is energy efficient and consumes less power. We believe that future lies in technological advancement and if you are willing to join the league of success then you must have these products installed in your vicinity. Get in touch with us to know more about these products.