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Passenger Information Display System

Photonplay is concerned in the design as well as development along with manufacturing of LED based display systems with the in-house metal fabrication, PCB design as well as assembly procedure, firmware design along with development as well as software design plus development. For proper information in any bus stand or railway station or airport, Passenger Information Display System is an excellent way of displaying the passengers’ data live on the big screen.


Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) are the digital information systems which display real-time information for the passengers. Train operating companies are continually striving to get better passenger satisfaction by offering more than just arrival as well as departure times. They also proffer news as well as entertainment content as well as safety along with emergency announcements and much more. These days, advertising is an important revenue stream for train operators, as well as that’s why PIDS are becoming more and more essential.

The Passenger Information Display System should reflect the purpose and vision of your business in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. The color combinations should differentiate your business from others and should draw the attention of the onlookers without making it look unprofessional and overly done.


Capabilities permit us to customize the passenger information display systems from hardware as well as software point of view up to any level as per the requirement of tender or the user from hardware as well as software point of view.


Photoplay’s average communication CPU supports the TCP IP interface, MODBUS, 3G GSM connectivity as well as Optical Fibre direct compatibility.

They can be easily installed, wrapped up to pieces and packed after use. They can be easily transported and can accommodate multiple scheme sizes. They can be of various shapes, sizes and styles.


Many types of Passenger Information Display System making companies make various types of Passenger Information Display System for different purposes. Indoor banners are meant for medium level marketing campaigns and can be used at retail outlets, as showroom decorations, for new product launches and for short term promotions.

 These establishments encourage and catch the attention of the people passing by. Its design of tear drop because of its unlikely shape and features makes a long lasting impression on the potential customers. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble, portable, inexpensive and eye-catching.

Why buy our product

Our Passenger Information Display System is one of the versatile information options because of their compact size as well as easy assembling. This Passenger Information Display System can be printed double-sided as well which allows you to place them in the center of a large area, so that it can be viewed from most of the angles.

We are the global leader in the design, and development as well as manufacturing of the LED Video Displays and we proffer our products on reasonable rate. Our standard set of protocol is well-matched with nearly all softwares in order to incorporate the PIDS with any third party railway traffic control software’s. We have vast experience of more than 9 years and we are working with leading companies using passenger information display systems   around the globe.

For detailed information please contact our experts who are skilled in the passenger information display systems for the road, rail as well as air transit applications.