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Bus Transit Display

The wide application of digitized display system in transportation has changed the way the commuters used to travel. Buses form an integral part of the transportation system and the introduction of bus transit display has transformed the journey of the bus. Pre-information about the routes, route number, the arrival of destination and other necessary information has not only smoothened the bus journey but has also saved a lot of time and confusion that passengers used to face prior to this. Bus displays are used to guide the passengers. The LED bus displays are designed in a manner that they are legible even from a long distance under low and high lighting conditions.  A bus usually has 3 bus transit display signs, one located at the front another object to the front and one at the rear. Most of the time the LED display has information regarding the destination and route number, however, this can be customized as per the requirement.

The bus transit display has come as a boon for the daily bus commuters. It has enabled people from all walks of life to understand the information.

Photonplay Bus Transit Display-

The bus transit display finds myriads of uses, whether it is route number information, destination information, next bus stop, bus shelter display etc. The display systems can be effectively used for advertisement as well. Hence, these bus transit displays can be also used as an additional mode for generation of revenue. Photonplay bus transit display works well under all condition. Some of the key features of our bus transit display include the following:

  • Rugged and robust designs
  • Fit to be used for both indoor and outdoor portions of the bus
  • Weatherproof coating
  • Excellent and understandable visibility even from a long distance
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy-efficient

Photonplay believes that technological innovation is more that  just manufacturing state of the art machinery , the success of any kind of device is decided by how it works at the end-user level and how efficiently its faces daily challenges.

Are you still wondering why to go ahead with our products ?

Tailor-made solutions for your needs:-

Photonplay has tailored a solution that best matches your need . We believe in building a long-term relationship with our clients.

Photonplay is reliable:-

All our products are reliable and work on real time information system with minimum time lag. The quality of the product is of high–grade and hence it requires less maintenance. The products are ideal for usage under any kind of environmental condition.

Round the clock customer support:-

We are committed to service our customers 24*7, 365 days. From the manufacturing of products till its timely maintenance, you will always find Photonplay employees motivated to help you.

We are all set and ready to provide you all kind of bus transit display required by you. Our customizable designs and cost-effective array of products will never leave you disappointed. Moreover, the rugged and robust design and machinery makes it ideal for rigorous usage. Get connected with us via call or mail to know more about Photonplay range of products.