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Digital media has always been a mode of communication between the company and its customers. But last few years have seen exponential increase in the use of digital medium for advertisement, ticker display panels for financial stock figures in the market or many other requirements. Visually attractive media that has become a new way of communication among people has created new horizons in the displaying information in airports. It really is a revolutionary move and ensures a better output. Yes, that’s what the moot point is and what Photonplay believes in. Display systems has been in use everywhere and airports are no different a case. Photonplay being the standout performer in manufacturing best in class display systems has been in use as flight information display systems to display the arrival and departure of flights to passengers.

How is it to be manufacturing best in class reliable display led systems?

Photonplay products and services have always been known for quality. The quality of the products in store has enjoyed prime importance in terms of reliability, durability, optimized performance, etc. There are varieties of cutting edge products in store and using them depends on the type of requirement. When it comes to LED display systems, they are widely used in airports to display information about the arrival and departure of flights. Not just that, there are display led devices also used at the check in counters which eases the process checking in for passengers. Photonplay, being the leading manufacturer of cutting edge led display devices understands the importance and use of such devices and thereby stands out in the market in providing reliable and durable display products.

Products in Store

There is a varied range of products that are available with Photonplay. There are various types of display devices which are used in airports depending on the requirement. Display devices for passenger information system at the airport can be led display panels as well as LCD-TFT display panels. The led display devices give real time updates to the passengers at the airport.

  • These system have very low operational and installation cost.
  • The FIDS helps in giving information which is based on LED technology.
  • These systems work on Sun Solaris operating system.
  • The fid in the airport is connected to the airport operation database giving real time updates.
  • These systems are reliable and durable with optimized software.

Transit Displays have always been used in metros, buses, in airports at check in counters and as flight information display system. Like in airport, led display panels are also used for ferry ports displays. There are various benefits when it comes to airport led display systems.

The benefits are as follows:

  • These systems have low installation cost and maintenance cost as well.
  • These systems can be used both in small and big airports.
  • These systems can easily be integrated with the existing infrastructure
  • These systems are very swift and accurate.

Why us?

It is very clear as to how much it is important to have automation systems and robust display systems as it does not just make things work faster, but also increases the efficiency and output; these solutions and products are all available in store. Photonplay is a one stop solution provider and years of experience in handling clients with high tech and best in class products which makes the company stand out among others. It is not just the products that the company focuses on, the post sales service benefits that we offer can never be matched and we know what our clients require.

So, if you have been searching for such solutions and products, what are you waiting for? You have landed at the right place. Call us right now and enjoy the ceaseless benefits.