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Transit Displays

Transit Displays are a gift of modern technology which has digitized the information dissemination. This display works in real time and gives you the real time information of transportation at your location. These mini devices have revolutionized the way transportation system used to work. Till date we have installed thousands of transit display signage at various locations that have streamlined the flow of communication.

With the competency of Photonplay and our research center, GRIC we have been able to manufacture products that are at par excellence as compared to their contemporaries. We are always motivated to serve our customer’s communication need by investing in modern technology.

Experience the difference with Photonplay

Since the time of its inception, Photonplay has been continuously making an effort to provide products that are exemplary when it comes to technology. All our products are built on state of the art machinery and pass the strict quality test before making it available for the users. At Photonplay the designing, engineering and manufacturing are always in sync with the client’s requirement. Unlike our contemporaries, we always keep our clients posted with the latest development so that we are always on the same page, this has helped us avoid last moment glitches and discrepancies.

Since we have an in-house manufacturing unit, or products are quality test passed. Photonplay transit displays are iconic; we have compiled few features of our transit signs:

  1. Availability of myriad of panel sizes and types
  2. Rugged and robust version for harsher environments
  3. Full-color displays, which are a visual delight
  4. Enabled with ambient light control ie you can control the brightness
  5. A scrollbar option is included
  6. Offer web-based solutions

Gamut of choices

When you enter the creative world of Photonplay, what you see is a rainbow of products that matches the requirement of the client in a specific way. We offer a wide range of transit display products that provides clear and up-to-date information on transportation to the passenger. Here is a list of gamut of choices of transit displays that you get at Photonplay:

  1. Bus transit signs
  2. Train transit signs
  3. Airport Signs and displays

Apart from routine information or transit displays are equipped to provide information like platform/bus service numbers, destinations, expected departure/arrival times, current time, schedule changes etc., all of which can be tailor-made as per the client’s specification. Our displays have helped people to enjoy their travel by keeping them informed. Our omnipresence in all sectors has inspired us to work in the direction of improvement and modernization with the use of technology. Photonplay’s passenger display systems have found applicability in various national and international fronts.


Time to act

Photonplay is a working example of how technology can change the life of people. The usage of our passenger information system and transit signs has transformed the way transportation used to work. Not only has it improved traveling experience of the commuters it has also helped in saving a lot of time and chaos that otherwise is a common happening.

So, it’s time for you to get one of our products installed. Give us a call or mail and we will get in touch with you.