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Train Next Stop Displays

If you are one of those commuters to travel daily by trains, then you must have been using next stop indicators for years to waddle your way through the city; and sometimes to go out of the city as well? These next stop displays are a very significant element of the public transport system, principally for buses and trains.

What is the Next Stop Display?

As the name indicates train stop displays are electronic devices used with an electronic information system that informs about the details of the next stoppage. It also shows the information as regards to running of Train Arrival and Departure timing & Platform No. and the likes. Used mostly in railway stations and sometimes in buses, next station indicators, helps passengers with the site of the next destination on an LED display in single color or else two colors text.

These next-stop indicators also come with installed audio voice announcement system in order to serve both the visually and hearing handicapped. They work independently of the driver through GPS, an electronic gyroscope, in conjunction with a pre-programmed route map. An integral part of the passenger information display system, a next stop display provides real-time passenger information which also includes predictions about arrival and departure times. The system is either function locally at a specific location or can be controlled from Central location. They are chiefly made available at Platform & Public utility site.

Making Journey Smooth with Photonplay.

With growing popularity as a professional in displays for customer information arrangement on the US rail networks, Photonplay continually strives to provide customized hardware and software solutions to best meet the customer’s needs. In order to make the journey more relaxed and enjoyable for the commuters Photonplay provides a nice collection of a variety of Train station indicators. Photonplay has created a wide assortment of passenger information displays to comply with the necessities of the contemporary rail station.

We Strive for the Best

With years of experience of supplying customer information systems products, we only offer latest standard display systems in our train stop indicators. Our display system is equipped with a GPS module that confirms the current location and next stop of the passengers. The display system works with the latest image processing system with high definition picture clarity. Our displays have built-in analytics that permits the system to operate even whilst the GPS signal is not to be found.

Our next stop displays come with a character size of about 40-90mm for a clear vision & readability in every lightening circumstances. With a low maintenance modular designs our train stop displays, comes with a variation in pixel pitch of 6mm and 7.62mm, along with various mounting options for ease of compatibility, with an option to choose any RGB cabinet color option in order to take care of harmonic integration with any type of interior.

For any queries related to next stop displays or to get help while ordering for one, do not hesitate to contact us. We, at Photonplay, are always ready to help our clients with their needs. To know, how and where to contact us, do check our contact us page.