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Solar Powered Variable Message Signs

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Solar Powered VMS & DMS

The world is moving forward towards the renewable source of energy as it comes free of cost and it requires very less effort to tap the renewable energy. The renewable source of energy such as the solar energy is available throughout the year and one of the easiest to tap and utilize. Photonplay has combined the two futuristic technologies to come up with a high innovative and useful solar powered VMS and DMS. The solar VMS is similar to its electrically powered variant with a difference that it comes with a solar panel and a battery to store the solar energy harnessed by the panel.

Using a solar VMS gives excessive flexibility to the authorities to install them in places where there is no electricity. The VMS signs can guide the people to drive safely and ensure smooth flow of the traffic. The Variable Message Signs are controlled by the central command unit but it is not connected to the command with the help of wires and cables. These solar signs are stand-alone devices which get the required power from the sun and are connected to the command via Wi-Fi.

The LED Solar Display not only can be installed in far off places but also within the city premises. The city faces traffic issues on a daily basis and when a natural calamity hits the city, the whole city comes to a standstill as there is no electricity and the traffic lights are non-functional. The solar VMS can guide the traffic and people to places where they can remain safe and sound. The VMS can also be used to flash warning signs in case of a hurricane or a storm. It can guide the people to stay away from the areas which would be most affected. It can also be used to manage the traffic when there is no electricity in the city and would be the only hope for the authorities to communicate with the city dwellers in the case of emergency.

All the features of a normal Variable Message Signs are in that of the solar VMS so it can be used anywhere and everywhere. The variable message signs can be used to direct the traffic in a specific direction and help to distribute it uniformly under peak hours so that the people do not get stuck in the jam for long. It can also direct the drivers to maintain a speed limit. When the whole traffic is moving with the same speed, it gets streamlined and can move smoothly and exit out towards their destination with much less effort.

The Solar VMS manufactured by our company is relatively less in cost and has a quality which is worth mentioning. It is being used in many countries worldwide and many governments as well as enforcement agencies avail our services. We feel proud to announce that we have been the reason for ending the traffic mess in many cities worldwide. We, therefore, offer you to try our products and avail our services so that your city is free from the traffic and accidents.