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MUDCO Approved Radar Speed Signs with Solar Compatibility

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Radar Speed Signs

Radar Speed Signs are the electronic devices that display the dynamic speed of the vehicles in real-time. The primary aim of the Radar Speed Sign is to slow down the vehicles as they move by making the drivers aware if they cross the permissible speed limits. The interactive signs consist of a series of LEDs with a RADAR device that sends and receives the signals.

These Traffic Calming Signs are used in addition to or in place of speed breakers, speed humps, speed tables, speed bumps and speed cushions. Also known as Driver Feedback Signs, these devices are very successful in managing the traffic on busy roads. These Radar Signs are known by different names like Radar speed control Signs, Radar speed display, Radar Speed Signs, Driver Feedback Signs, your speed sign, radar feedback sign, radar speed display, speed display board, speed radar sign, vehicle activated sign, Solar Radar Speed Signs.

Radar Speed Sign Technology

Radar Speed sign uses the same Radar Technology that is used in detecting airplanes and submarines by military forces. Radar makes use of the radio waves to detect the velocity, angle and range of the moving object. It emits the radio waves which when on striking the concerned object return back. These signals are received by the special receivers on the radar which refine these results to give the exact information in least possible time. The time taken by the system in completing this task is in microseconds making it highly effective for real-time operations.

Types of Radar Speed Signs:-

  • Portable Radar Speed Signs
  • Solar Radar Speed Signs
  • Pole Mount Radar Speed Signs
  • Trailer Mounted Radar Speed Signs

Radar Speed signs come in various forms and designs. Some of them are modified to meet the special requirements where they are to be installed. Some of the most common type of Radar Speed Signs manufactured by us are:




Portable Radar Speed Signs

Pole Mount

Pole Mount Radar Speed Signs

Trailer Mounted

Trailer Mounted Radar Speed Signs
  • Solar Radar Speed Signs– These Radar Speed Signs are powered by a Solar panel which gives it the flexibility to be used even in those places where there is no provision for power supply. The information is shared with the help of a GPRS enabled device which is again powered by the solar panel system.
  • Portable Radar Speed Signs– These devices are highly portable and are powered with the help of a rechargeable battery unit. They can be installed anywhere as per the requirements of the enforcement agencies on a temporary basis.
  • Pole Mount Radar Speed Signs- The pole mounted version is the most common version of the Radar Speed Sign. It can be found anywhere and everywhere on roads, near school buildings, places of high traffic and more. They are powered by external power and also have a wired or wireless connectivity for data transfer.
  • Trailer Mounted Radar Speed Signs– These devices have the Radar Speed Signs mounted on specially designed trailers that also have an external power source like an alkaline battery for fulfilling its power requirements. Sometimes, the power requirement of the device is fulfilled by connecting it to the battery of the vehicle to which the trailer is attached.

Radar Speed Sign Variants:-

PhotonplayInc manufactures different variants of Radar Speed Signs according to various on-site requirements. Our series of Radar Speed Signs include:

Street Series

Radar Speed Sign Street Series

Work Zone Series


Portable Series

Radar Speed Sign Portable Series
  • Street Series– The street series Radar Speed Signs are designed specifically for the dynamically moving traffic on roads. These devices are capable of handling a lot of vehicles in a very less amount of time with higher accuracy. The street series consists of pole mounted, solar, trailer mounted and portable Radar Speed Signs. They can be employed on highways, freeways, city roads, streets and in the community premises.
  • Work Zone Series– The Work Zone series is installed in Work-in-Progress regions where the work is going on continuously with regular vehicular movement. The main USP of these Radar Speed Signs is that they are dust resistant and are visible from quite a distance giving the driver ample opportunity to return back to the permissible speed limit before he approaches the Work Zone.
  • Portable Series– The Portable Series consists of highly robust and durable Radar Speed Signs. These devices can be installed in places where there is no power supply on a temporary basis. They are GPRS-enabled so that they can share the data in real-time with the control center.
  Street SeriesWorkZone SeriesHighway SeriesPortable Series
Digit Size 9”/12″ 9”/12″/15″ 15″/18”/24″ 9”/12”/15″/18”
Alert Messages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ideal for Speed Limits 5-30 MPH 5-40 MPH 40-75 MPH 5-75 MPH
Visibility 60mtr 100mtr 160mtr
Enclosure Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth/3G Bluetooth/3G Bluetooth/3G Bluetooth/3G
Solar Yes No Yes Yes
Power 110/220vAC 110/220vAC 110/220vAC 110/220vAC
Compliance UL/CE UL/CE UL/CE UL/CE
Warranty 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year
Energy Efficient Yes Yes Yes Yes
Theft Proof Yes Yes Yes Yes

Radar Speed Signs Features:-

The Speed Signs manufactured by PhotonplayInc come with specific features which make them most favored Radar Speed Signs in the industry. Our Radar Speed Signs feature:

  • Highly Customizable Design to meet the client’s requirements.
  • Minimum response time.
  • Can be used on freeways, city roads and community roads alike.
  • Robust and durable.
  • Moisture and dust-proof.
  • Equally efficient in all weathers and climates.
  • High quality components ensure enhanced real-time performance.
  • Adjustable pixel pitch of the screen.
  • Solar-powered, portable and electrically-powered devices.
  • 24×7 Connectivity with the Centralized Command Center.
  • High Resolution camera to direct the live feed to the Centralized Command Center.

Radar Speed Signs Applications:-

Radar Speed Signs are the multi-purpose devices with huge applications all around. Some of the most common applications of these devices are:



City Roads


Schools Zone

  • Freeways and Expressways- These devices are used on freeways, highways and expressways to monitor the speed of the moving vehicles and regulate them automatically.
  • City Roads and Streets- The Radar Speed Signs are used on City Roads and streets to streamline the flow of the traffic by making all the vehicles move at a similar speed to prevent haphazard situation and in turn cause traffic jams. This eliminates the need of various permanent structures on roads like speed bumps, speed breakers and more.
  • Near Schools, hospitals and other Establishments- The Radar Speed Signs are used to regulate the fast moving vehicles near or within the premises of establishments of high concern like schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, research establishments and more.

Color Patterns of the Radar Speed Signs:-

The Radar Speed Signs manufactured by PhotonplayInc comes in three variants, namely, single colored, two-colored and multi-colored display screens. The single colored display boards come in red, green or amber colored LEDs. The dual-colored displays come in a combination of any of the two colors whereas the multi-colored display consists of all the three colors of LEDs in the display. These LEDs ensure better visibility at all times and in all weather and climatic conditions.

To ensure distant visibility, LED illumination of single, dual or triple rows is followed for distant visibility owing to different weather conditions.

How Radar Speed Sign promotes road safety?

Road Safety is very important in today’s world where the number of vehicles is increasing leaps and bounds everyday across the globe. The results of many researches and studies have proved that the haphazard movement of traffic is a major factor contributing to the road accidents. It is also the reason for most of the pedestrian fatalities in urban region. With Radar Speed Signs in place, vehicles violating speed limits are informed of their mistake and are directed to fall in line and adhere to the permissible limits set by the traffic enforcement authorities. This helps in reducing the number of accidents occurring on the streets.

The streamlined traffic movement also ensures the smooth flow of traffic and helps in curbing the jam like situations. Studies have proved that a streamline flow increases the road safety. It also makes it safer for pedestrians to cross the roads safely. With an ever increasing volume of automobiles, the chances and instances of accidents have increased unprecedentedly. But the installation of Radar Speed Signs in these places have shown lowered number of such incidents painting a bright future if the technology is implemented and used judiciously.

UL & CE Compliance:-

UL Certified


CE Certified


The Products manufactured by PhotonplayInc adhere to the “UL and CE Compliance Certification“. The UL Mark certifies that Underwriter Laboratories have found out in their test that the product meets all the safety requirements. The CE mark is considered as a passport that allows the manufacturers to launch their products in the EU market. The CE Certification affirms that the product meets the EU Health, Safety and Environment Standards and ensures the workplace and consumer safety.

The Radar Speed Signs manufactured by PhotonplayInc adhere to all the above mentioned certifications. Owing to these certificates and its robustness, these Speed Signs can be used almost anywhere in the world.

Why purchase Radar Speed Signs from PhotonplayInc?

The Radar Speed Signs manufactured by PhotonplayInc are among the best devices available in the industry. These devices pay attention to enhanced safety, are highly robust and durable, have proven reliability and are easy to install.

Our Radar Speed Signs prices are highly competitive and change with the volume of the order. The more a client orders avails higher benefits. The data collection and reporting is very easy with our innovative devices. The GPRS-enabled devices provide live feed in real-time making it easier for the authorities to monitor and manage the traffic.

The Radar Speed Signs manufactured by PhotonplayInc are better in quality, can meet various requirements, is highly customizable and is relatively easier to use. Request a quote and we will get back to you with our bid within one working day.

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