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Mobile VMS

Mobile VMS an innovation itself has made the VMS technology flexible and has a wide range of aspects like mobile CCTV, and mobile sensor trailers traffic management software which forms a part of ITS (Intelligence Transport Systems). It is an ideal prospect for all roads and events or any casualty on road that requires visual information to address people and avoid chaos. It helps in effectively utilizing the increasingly busy road networks.


It came into existence when PWS group, a leader in control equipment & traffic sign industry since 1962 recognized the need for a mobile visual communication for the Traffic Management Sector.

Wide Range of Prospects

These sign offers user-friendly a high-speed programming and on-site programming, remote programming and is controlled by your office using a PC, Laptop, tablet or Smart phones.

Product Details:

Mobile VMS 320 RS Amber Variable Message Sign

This product RS Amber Variable Message Sign is a highway agency passed sign suitable for all major road networks and one of the most popular signs in our range both with buyers and looking to hire. It has noticeable versatility and potential to show large amounts of text in any environment from urban areas to and highways and roadwork and ideal for any client in any situation.


  • Conducive to work in all weather conditions with till/rotate
    • Quick and easy to program on-site using a full touch screen controller.
    • Remotely programmable using a PC , laptop, tablet or smart phone etc.
    • Maintenance- free Operation
    • Unmatchable Quality and Maximum LED Output


  • Giant Matrix
    • Unique LED’s
    • Radar
    • 3g Modem
    • Password Protected
    • CCTV

Maintenance or pollution (environmental or noise), Eco-friendly- no running costs

Choice of Graphics and Language

Industrial Applications

  • Road Works
    • Event/ Crowd Control
    • Portable Intelligent Traffic Management
    • Que Detection
    • Collection of Data

Journey /Travel time Information

Mobile VMS 320 RGB Full Colour Variable Message Sign

These variable message signs use rainbow technology is the industry’s first color solar enabled mobile full-matrix message sign with over 16000 colors that is displayed in a message or graphic design.


  • Solar powered portable variable message sign VMS is conducive to work in all conditions and this has been the hallmark of all Mobile VMS products:
    • It has full-color touch screen controller which gives quick and easy access to program on-site
    • High Speed programming using a PC laptop, tablet or smart phone etc.
    • Easy to operate with no hassles of maintenance.
    • Operate continuously for years without the need of a mains charge
    • CCTV

Industrial Applications

  • Events/ Crowd Control
    • Road Works
    • Police/ Community Safety Messages
    • Advertising
    • Que detection
    • Data collection

Portable Intelligent Traffic Management

Mobile 420 RS Amber Variable Message Sign

This mobile variable message sign was built with motorway in mind but technically, an ideal prospect for all road networks. The highway approved sign has a bigger and clear display capable of running 13 characters per line with respect to the 5 lines and flashing amber beacons on all four corners. It can easily be noticeable to capture the attention of users.

Special Features:

It gives longer battery life, low power consumption, low maintenance, and remote programming with our exclusive jam logic software, makes it ideal for motorway networks where frequent visits to sign may not be practical and difficult to access.