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Dynamic Message Signs

Dynamic Message Signs are the devices which are used to display the messages, warning signals or information about specific events to the people commuting on roads. These signs are efficiently used to warn the people of traffic congestion, speed limits, road work zones, accidents and other incidents. Changeable Message Signs also known as Variable Message Signs, VMS Signs, Matrix Signs, and Electronic Traffic Displays.

Dynamic Message Signs is a part of the Parking Guidance and Information System which is used to manage the modern city traffic and parking. In special cases, the Variable Message Sign is used to warn the duration and location of the accidents, inform about the traffic congestions, route modification, limited travel speeds and other important information. VMS Board is known by different names in different regions.

The DynamicMessage Boards & Signs can also be used to display the messages and information regarding the special events or conferences asking the daily commuters to stay away from the special route plans dedicated for the event. This helps the city-dwellers to avoid such traffic routes and take an alternate route to reach their destination on time.

The Dynamic Message Boards & Signs are used to display messages and information on a real-time basis with a minimum time lag allowing the commuters to get live feeds and information so that the traffic can be managed properly even during the peak hours. This not only makes the situation better but also answers the questions raised by the alarming increase in the number of vehicles in the city and proper management of the modern-day traffic.

Dynamic Message Signs


Dynamic Message Sign


Dynamic Message Board

Dynamic Message Signs

ITS Dynamic Message Signs

Dynamic Message Signs

Dynamic Message Signs

Dynamic Message Signs

Dynamic Message Signs

Dynamic Message Signs


Light source High Power LEDs from renowned manufacturers
Housing Modular design principle in seawater-proof, powder-coated profiles made of aluminum AlMg3
or stainless steel (V4A, 1.4571)
Protection class P1, P2, P3, to IP 65
Humidity Range 20 – 95% rel. humidity
  • Embedded controller designed for industrial temperature range: -40 to +85 °C Integrated
    fast access solid state data memory.
  • High speed picture interface using latest type of Dual port RAM and FPGA technology
  • Number of colors: monochrome, traffic colors or RGB Type
  • Picture rate: 20 frames/second
  • RS485/RS422, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet IP, WLAN others on request
  • TCP/IP connection via RJ45
  • Digital inputs
  • digital and analogue sensors
Mounting options Cantilever and C-rails pipe clamps and other constructions on request
Protocol NTCIP ready
Optic Optical equipment fits into the matrix luminance ratio (contrast) up to 100, even at low sun
position <10°

LED Matrix

Light source High Intensity LEDs
Color Full Color
Pixel Pitch 20mm
1R1G1B or 3in1 SMD
Beam Width Class: B3
Resolution 88×288 Pixels
No of Modules 198 modules
Chain Failure No
LED Matrix
LED Matrix

LED Model & Matrix

LED Model LED Specs (RED) LED Specs (BLUE) LED Specs (GREEN)
LED Make Litemax Optoelectronics Litemax Optoelectronics Litemax Optoelectronics
Material AlGalnP lnGaN lnGaN
Lens Clear Type Clear Type Clear Type
3050-5300 MCD 3040-4360 MCD 9300-16000 MCD
620-630nm (Min-Max) 463-472nm (Min-Max) 520-529nm (Min-Max)


Character Size Dynamic
Brightness 1500 to 8500 cd/m₂
Viewing Distance >300 meters
Beam Width as per Class: B3
Auto Dimming Sensor based (mean)
In built sensor Temperature / Door sensors / Ambient Light sensors
Display area 5760mm x 1760mm
Overall Cabinet Size 6000mm x 2000mm x 200mm
Languages Asia/Africa/North America/South America/Antarctica/Europe/Australia
Graphics Full Color Graphics and text capability
VMS Display

How Dynamic Message Sign promotes Road Safety?

DynamicMessage Signs display instant messages when an accident or any other incident occurs which can potentially cause traffic congestions. This helps in rerouting the traffic instantly on a real-time basis allowing the emergency services to reach the spot as early as possible thus reducing the chances of fatalities.

The VMS boards can be used to display warning messages at the time of natural calamities like a hurricane, floods, etc. and the people may be informed about the coming catastrophe so that they can be prepared beforehand.

The VMS is also used to regulate the speed of the vehicles on freeways and highways helping in streamlining the traffic, thus reducing the accidents and other unwanted incidents.

Color Patterns of the Dynamic Message Boards & Signs

Dynamic Message Signs & Boards manufactured by PhotonplayInc comes in three variants, namely, mono-colored, two-colored and multi-colored display screens. The mono-colored display boards come in red, green or amber colored LEDs. The dual-colored displays come in a combination of any of the two colors whereas the multi-colored display consists of all the three colors of LEDs in the display. These LEDs ensure better visibility at all times and in all weather and climatic conditions.

To ensure distant visibility, LED illumination of single, dual or triple rows is followed for distant visibility owing to different weather conditions.

UL & CE Compliance

The products manufactured by PhotonplayInc adhere to the UL and CE Compliance Certification. The UL Mark certifies that Underwriter Laboratories have found out in their test that the product meets all the safety requirements. The CE mark is considered as a passport that allows the manufacturers to launch their products in the EU market. The CE Certification affirms that the product meets the EU Health, Safety, and Environment Standards and ensures the workplace and consumer safety.

The Variable Message Signs manufactured by PhotonplayInc adhere to all the above-mentioned certifications. Owing to these certificates and its robustness, these Speed Signs can be used almost anywhere in the world.



The Dynamic Message Signs & Boards manufactured by PhotonplayInc are made of the best quality components having high operational efficiency and low maintenance and power consumption requirements. They come with enhanced safety, are durable and robust. These efficient devices are easy to install and come at cut-throat prices making them highly affordable. The added feature of data collection and reporting makes these products stand out of those already present in the market. The minimum time lag relay system makes it one of the fastest dynamic message signs in the world.

We at PhotonplayInc follow a customer-centric approach and are always available for our clients with a splendid after sales service. Our prices vary according to the order size and design specifications of the client. Contact us and send your quote with the order size and other details and we will get back to you with our quote within one working business day.