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Compliance with EN12966 as well as NTCIP compatibility

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Intelligent Transportation System is one of the latest and most advanced technologies that has been used recently for providing better driving conditions to the drivers on the roads and minimise the cases of traffic jams and roadblocks. Photonplay manufactures a whole series of traffic signs and other devices which help in smooth running of the traffic and curb the accidents on roads. We manufacture digital electronic devices and display boards that help the authorities in managing the traffic and ensuring that no accidents take place.

variable signs for traffic management


The speed limit signs made by Photonplay have the in-built radar speed sign which not only displays the speed limit as set by the authorities but also displays the speed of the approaching vehicle. If the speed of the vehicle is more than the speed limit, the display flashes the warning signal and asks the vehicle to slow down. Thus, all the vehicles that move within the speed limit move in streamline and reduce the chances of accidents and incidents. Read More

your speed radar sign
VMS, Variable message signs


The VMS boards can be installed anywhere irrespective of the unavailability of power or connectivity. These boards are installed everywhere, from highways to city roads and streets. It gives the authorities an extra hand in managing the daily traffic. The speed limit signs can also be installed anywhere along the roads. All these devices come with a solar panel variant which would harness the solar energy to meet its power needs. This enables them to install at places where there is no electricity. Read More


The variable message signs enable the authorities to communicate directly with the drivers on the road and inform them about an accident or mishap on the road ahead. The authorities can also display the alternative routes so that the people may take another route and reach their destination with minimum interference. It also ensures that the emergency services reach the victims of an accident without any delay. Read More

Mobile Variable Message Signs

All the devices manufactured by Photonplay are made of tough materials which save them from being vandalized. The anti-glare covering ensures they do not shine and are clearly visible from a long distance. The devices are made moisture-proof so that there is no short-circuiting in the device. The anti-corrosive and anti-rust technology saves the devices from weathering and wilting.

The products manufactured by Photonplay conforms to the Intelligent Transportation System standards and are thoroughly tested at the in-house quality testing center before delivering every lot to the client. These products are indeed some of the best traffic signs that persuade the drivers to follow the traffic rules in order to ensure the smooth flowing of traffic on the city roads as well as the highways and freeways.

The products manufactured by us are being used in more than ten countries worldwide including the European and the American continent. Our products are best in the industry and we also provide quick after sales service. You can order some of the ITS and other Traffic Signs to upgrade the old system and add a whole new and advanced system in place to free your cities from jams and roadblocks.