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Rail-Metro Transit Solutions

The greatest gift that technology has given us is advancement in our way of working. The functioning of any department without the use of technology seems impossible. The rail/metro forms an important part of the transportation system. Since the time of its inception till the present time, the transportation system has come a long way. The integration of technology with the rail and metro transit has made the rail transportation a digitized one. From displaying information, train route number, arrival/departure, anything and everything related to rail or metro transit system has been transformed.

You will seldom find the manual control on the railway platform or metro station. Taking a cue from this, Photonplay Inc. has come up with a series of products that are a perfect fitment for railway and metro transit control. We work on combining innovation and technologies, we are known for our cost-effective solutions that offer high maintainability and operational reliability.

Why choose Photonplay?

Photonplay has been working towards providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the rail and metro transit systems. As a technology driven company, we are proud of the long-standing bond that we have built with so many transit agencies around the globe and the solution provided by us has helped them achieve their strategic vision.

Photonplay offers an array of services for the rail and metro transit systems, some of the key features that make us stand tall:

  • Rail and metro transit communication and security
  • Rail and metro next stop display
  • Rail and metro destination information system
  • Program Management
  • Advanced train and metro control systems

The current scenario is exciting for the railways and other modes of public transport agencies. The emergence of new technology has created opportunities that have improved the functioning and the travelling experience of the passengers. The technology has simplified the operations of the railroad and public transport agencies. The pre-information about the routes, destination and arrival departure of trains and metros have tremendously cut down the chaos that happened before. Moreover, the real-time operations of the rail and metro transit system have ensured safety and security of passengers.

To ensure the successful application and functioning of transportation system, it is important to strike a balance between the technological inputs, design and its management at the end-user level. Photonplay comprehends with this ideology and hence we believe in creating complex designs with simplicity. Our avant-garde technology and designs has drawn the attention of many rail and metro transit agencies and has made us stand nonpareil when it comes to delivering quality products.

Some of the key features of our rail and metro transit system include the following:

  • Robust and rugged design
  • State of the art technology
  • Demands low maintenance
  • Easy on pocket
  • LED illuminated
  • Energy efficient
  • Can be customized as per the requirement of the client


Why us?

Photonplay Inc. is unique in its zone, we believe in delivering comprehensive and scalable solutions to our clients by using an integrated approach and advanced technology. Due to our ability to provide a comprehensive solution, we have gained patronage from our clients across the globe. If you want to experience technology at its best, it’s time to get in touch with us today.