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Parking Management Solutions

We design and produce highly developed systems for an automatic management of all kinds of the car parks offering end to end services. As every project is exclusive, we design customized systems:

  • Entries,
  • Exits,
  • Traffic flow,
  • Guidance systems
  • Access management for every parking project.

 A barrier gate is an effective automation for regulating traffic and can bring about a systematic system of parking in your underground garage, airport, hospitals and large apartment complexes where several vehicles are parked. The automated gates are not only affordable, but will last for several years even with continuous use.

Parking Systems

In crowded metropolises, getting parking space is a challenge. This is why; there are underground car park facilities in malls and shopping centers. There is a variety of parking lot equipments available today. An entire range of equipments can be availed from reputed manufacturing companies; you can buy parking sign boards, barrier gates, speed bumps, bike racks and bollards of different shapes. A pedestal type bollard can be decorated to make a statement for your business. Many people think that speed humps and speed bumps are the same. However, the two are different; a speed bump is used to slow down the traffic and is used in car park spaces and in residential areas. On the other hand, speed humps are intended to slow vehicular traffic but in a less abrupt manner. These are typically found near schools and hospitals. Parking lot signs form a significant part of the equipment. Although, traffic cones are commonly seen on roads, they are useful in car park facilities too.

Benefits of our Parking Management System

  • Our parking lot equipment offers efficient operation and maximum reliability. The key tools such as automated parking systems and barrier gates are used in most car park facilities.
  • Its maintenance is easy and its electronic components are modular.
  • Hence, you can easily change them at the facility ensuring quick on-site maintenance. The ticket machines and barrier gates are very useful as it provides security to the residents and to the surroundings. With restricted entry, crime is reduced.
  • Modern gates with articulating arms check vehicles and entry is permitted only after verification.
  • Our process is smooth and quick and so they are very effective. An exit reader is used at the facility exit and reads an authorized ticket. An invalid ticket is pulled out and discarded.

Contemporary Barrier Gates

An underground garage or parking space is useful only if there is a barrier gate. Today, you can avail a range of accessories to complement the gates; break-away devices and articulated arms are some of the special features found in modern barriers. State-of-the-art technology is used in the modern automatic gates. The materials and design are awesome; some models have an LED diffuser and a flashing light integrated in the equipment. However, these modern barriers need future-oriented and innovative engineering and environmentally compatible technology. Magnetic barriers meet the prerequisites helping to optimize your parking area.  The power gate is perfect for broad openings in commercial spaces. The gate operators can have many controls, thus making it effective in diverse applications.

Why we are the best

Our skilled design team brings on the board years of previous experience in delivering productively a few of the most famous Intelligent Traffic Management System installations in your area. These services include a lot of range from the pre-engineering to the post-sales for the project. We proffer end-to-end management of the supply as well as our parking management of the installation of our products, and also proffer the commissioning as well as testing services. We proffer an Annual Maintenance Contract on both of the Comprehensive as well as a non-comprehensive basis.