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Parking Guidance Solutions

Photonplay Inc. has a core foundation to bring ground-breaking parking guidance systems with supreme quality. Every system that we design and deliver is enabled enough to solve the parking challenges of the parking lots in the most excellent fashion.

Our Parking Guidance systems are well equipped with sufficiently spaced out LED’s managing end user convenience through an oriented visual guidance. We provide complete parking guidance systems for the car parks, the corporate parks, malls, etc. We modify our system designs to meet your every requirement.

The Outdoor PGS

The Geomagnetic PGS

Our Geomagnetic sensor is totally based on the geomagnetism sensing, the wireless data transmission as well as low power consumption technologies, judges whether a vehicle is parked in the parking space by detecting the change of the parking space magnetic variation, as well as wirelessly transmits the detection results to the geomagnetic manager.

Services offered

  • 100% wireless in both communication as well as power supply
  • High detection of accuracy (up to 99%)
  • High flexibility to the harsh environment
  • Inbuilt battery, as well as 5-year autonomy
  • 7*24 basis  uninterrupted working
  • Withstands over the 15 tons of pressure
  • Solid cylinder design, simple to install
  • Buried underground, preservation – free of cost

Indoor PGS-Camera Series

Our Parking Guidance System is a pioneering as well as comprehensive solution for the modern car park, which proffers outstanding features of the Parking Guidance.

Every camera sensor proffers real-time security, monitors the license plates as well as occupancy for up to 6 parking spaces. Thanks to front-end recognition technology, our camera sensor can work separate as well as define the space status separately. Drivers get parking information from the lighted indicator and information signage, along with track the parked vehicle location on nearby “Find Your Car” query kiosk.

Servers collect and analyze all space’s status information, then release it to entrance led display as well as VMS (The Variable Message Sign). Driver can discover the available parking space professionally according to the guidance in the VMS

The Urban PGS

Applying the wireless technology, Photonplay Inc’s Parking Guidance System obtains the city’s car parking information and displays the real-time parking accessibility on the dynamic guidance board at the urban arterial road. The real-time information can be checked on the guidance screen, the mobile phone, the vehicle navigator, the website log-in as well as Photonplay’s service application. Data calculation as well as analysis is frequently done in the controlling system to demonstrate the equipment operating status, space accessible ratio as well as the real time parking information.

Why we are the best

The Photon play parking Guidance System is one of the most sophisticated pioneering system created buy our company. The Parking Guidance System makes it easier for the users to find a parking space in the lot without moving misguidedly for long duration. It is one of the best solutions in the present times. The system keeps a track of each and every detail and its details can be accessed from anywhere with the help of master control. If you need our service then you can contact our customer support. You can go through the details in our solutions section.