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ITS Solutions (Intelligent traffic solutions)

We unite global expertise as well as intelligent technology to boost competence, security as well as coordination across the transport networks. We are merging the smart application as well as appropriate selection of the digital technologies across manifold modes of transport; we make systems that drive efficiencies to create transport systems across the world safer, more dependable as well as more sustainable.

From the very starting  of every project, our expert work with operators along with planners to assist define a dream for their transport operations as well as guarantee that this becomes an actuality by creating an  intelligent transport infrastructure.

Generating Intelligent Traffic Systems

  • Focused on an improving mobility for the users, we plan technology systems that enhance the effectiveness of transport. Our technical recommendation, as well as planning, design and management creates total solutions for towns as well as cities bespoke development to site-specific issues.
  • Our approach to ITS is driven by an operational needs as well as user requirements. For instance, we plan traffic signal along with car parking guidance systems to manage traffic moving in towns as well as in car parks. On the main road, our motorway control systems facilitate hard shoulder running along with changeable speed limits to augment capacity safely.
  • We generate electronic payment solutions that guard revenue as well as make tolling, road pricing along with smart public transport ticketing run easily. We also discover smarter ways to assist passengers as well as motorists to decide the most resourceful journeys by supplying the information they need – before they leave home and are on the move.
  • For operators as well as authorities, we make compliance solutions that make transport systems secure as well as sustainable– including processes for dealing with the parking violations as well as non-payment of tolls. We also design control centres to assist diverse transport operator’s work together to create seamless journeys.

Leading smarter mobility thinking

  • Photonplay Inc has been appointed to offer research as well as consultancy services for the traffic management technology under the national frameworks that endorse mobility solutions. These comprise the Government Traffic Management Technology related Framework,  as well as the   Transport Authority ITS Panel.
  • Photonplay Inc takes a leading role in driving the smarter mobility agenda as well as it is greatly involved with the ITS industry about the world. Photonplay is a member of the Intelligent Transport Society  as well as it is a founding member.
  • The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions help real-time convergence of a variety of sensor data, voice, as well as video by proffering high-speed throughputs as well as a wide range of the network interfaces, like the Ethernet, the WLAN, as well as various video compressions.
  • Photon play’s strong designs are appropriate for the harsh operating environments and they are compliant with the ITS standards to make sure continuous network operation with the high reliability.
  • We are dedicated to utilizing smarter approaches to technology to make systems that get better transport for everyone and shape a better world.

The ITS as a whole makes moving on the roads easy and safer. Our variety of devices and equipments work in tandem to ensure no violation takes place and people are free from traffic woes. Our solutions are economical and we provide quick installation of the devices. To know more about us and order your requirements, please contact us or drop a mail and we will get back to you in a day.