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Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is the utilization of certain technologies along with automatic control devices to reduce human intervention in mechanical, quality control as well as material handling processes. Reduced human intervention also means improved performance than manual control. Our Industrial automation company automates various processes through the use of mechanized equipment and logical programming commands. Such equipment includes programmable logic controllers, computers, input-output modules, etc. We are  well equipped with both software as well as the hardware and because of this skill in a single place, new along with innovative machines can be designed which would create the manufacturing procedure  in the easiest way. Our support redefines this system as well as it saves a lot of time and eliminates any troubles easily.

The Benefits of Industrial Automation

Increases the Productivity – Automation results in better control of industrial processes, which enhances productivity and improves the quality of production.

Optimizes the cost of an operation – When all the processes and machines in a factory are mechanized and controlled by automated systems, it reduces the need for human control and intervention and thus saves labor cost.

Improves the Product Quality – Since industrial automation reduces human control and intervention, there are fewer chances of human induced errors and defects, resulting in better quality of products. Moreover, automation also ensures uniform product output and helps in maintaining quality consistency.

Reduces Need for the Routine Checks – Automation totally reduces the necessity for manual checking of a variety of process parameters. By taking benefit of automation technologies, industrial processes automatically adjusts procedure variables to set or desired values using closed loop control techniques.

Increases the level of security – Tasks in hazardous environments, such as extreme temperatures, or atmospheres that are radioactive or toxic can be done by machines. This enhances the safety of human workers.

Types of Industrial Automation Systems

Fixed or Hard Automation – This type of automation is used to increase the productivity of machines in the assembly line and reduce operational costs. It used dedicated equipment to automate a particular process or production sequence and is part of the overall system deployment. And once it is deployed it is very hard to change the product design. Examples of the hard automation comprise paint shops along with conveyor belts.

Programmable Automation – This type of automation includes equipment that is controlled by a program that can be used to modify the product or process. However, in this automation, it is hard to reconfigure the program for a new product or production sequence. Examples of this comprise the paper mills, the steel rolling mills, and industrial robots, etc


Our most excellent features

  • Photon play solves the problems within minutes with the help of our dedicated as well as skilled engineers as they are active 24×7.
  • We offer our clients  flexible as well as improved technology.
  • We work in a prompt way and  our technical staffs are quite capable of solving any problem as we try our best to reduce your loss to the smallest amount.
  • Our skilled manufacturing team creates the product in the shortest time frame.
  • We deal with different kind of the Network-based devices which would create the machine work like a robot as well as perform its duty with the greatest
  • Our team is always ready to assist you on call and answer to all your queries with urgency.

We offer our greatest services in the following way-

  • Planning as well as design
  • In the factory automation as well as material handling automation
  • The Monitoring units
  • The Process automation
  • The Automotive solution

We are a well-recognized brand in this field and we offer our best possible products to more than hundreds of companies in this regard. While a customer comes up with an inquiry, we always try to give the best solution as we always believe in the quality as well as standards. We offer a complete solution to our clients and try to make them happy once they avail our finest services.