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Bus Transit Solutions

It won’t be wrong to say that digitization has changed the way transportation system used to work. The wide application of Intelligent Traffic Management System is the living example of how technology has deeply penetrated in our lives. The traffic Management System of today owes its success to the technology. Bus forms an integral part of the transportation system and integration of technology in the form of transit solutions has transformed the bus journey.

Millions of people travel from the bus every day and with the active use of such management system has helped passengers while traveling. This has also reduced the chaos which otherwise was a daily affair. The bus transit solution allows tracking of the bus on real-time and gives accurate information about the location of the bus. This eventually ensures the safety and security of passengers.

Uses of Bus Transit Solution:

  • Helps in tracking the buses and its routes
  • Easy to track the speed of the bus
  • Pre-informs the passengers about the arrival and departure of the bus
  • Because of the GPS tracking, it is easy for authorities to locate the bus thus ensures the safety of passengers.

Photonplay Inc. Bus Transit Solution:

Photonplay Inc. is a known name when it comes to manufacturing and distribution of Bus Transit Display. We excel in manufacturing a various version of bus transit solutions, some of which include route information system, destination information system, next stop display, shelter display etc. We have set new standards of quality and efficiency with our product range. Here is brief overview of some of the key features of Photonplay bus transit solutions:

  • Rugged designs
  • Can be successfully mounted indoor and outdoor portion of the bus
  • Works well under all weather condition owning to its weather-proof coating
  • Long distance visibility
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Affordable

Photonplay firmly believes in innovation-driven technology and our product clearly, exemplifies this. We make use of state of the art machinery to manufacture our products hence; all of them are of high-quality standard with ease of use at the end-user level.

Why our products are a perfect fitment for your need:

  • We believe in customized solution. All the products are manufactured keeping in mind the need and specification of the client
  • Round the clock customer support, this makes us stand apart from the rest of our competitors. We are always on our toes to help our clients.
  • Low maintenance products, Photonplay Inc. understand that the products we manufacture will be used rigorously hence, we make sure that are of the best quality and will require less maintenance
  • Only avant-garde products on the list. Photonplay Inc. delivers only quality and nothing below it. All our products are avant-garde in terms of quality of materials used, technology and finishing.

If you are still wondering why you should make us your first choice then it’s time for you to get connected with us. At Photonplay Inc., you will find all the solutions related to Bus Transit systems. Call us or drop us a mail to know more about us.