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Industrial Displays

The function of Industrial Display Boards is to offer quick and automatic access to information as requested by the user. Industrial Display signs are present in the form of kiosks or signage’s to provide users with industry related relevant data.

Benefits: The benefits of Industrial Display Boards are as follows

  • Used in the business field to display a listing of services and notices for clients.
  • Provide appealing high-definition picture display that can be used for the business advertising purposes
  • Ideal for carrying out promotional activities for new brands from budding businesses
  • Can aid in categorizing content from several sources and convert it into a datacenter
  • Various industrial content channels can be made to form vibrant presentations with smooth transitions.


Types of Industrial Display Boards and advantages

  • Indoor Digital Display:

These are used for business purposes and led matrix signs offer the customers with a directory of services and important notices.

  • Digital Posters:

This is an affordable type digital signage which uses high definition view and has an inbuilt media player which has the capability to identify many memory cards. Once installed it will work by itself but a USB flash drive has to be used for manual updating.

  • Digital Menu Boards:

This type of digital Factory displays led signs boards are used restaurants and other eateries for regular updates. There can be numerous displays on this type of board and it can be connected to a network or kept as a separate installation. An LCD monitor along with a media player is used by this device. There are two options for using this type of display board, it can be used either by connecting to a network or to the LCD monitor.

  •  Outdoor Dynamic Digital Signage:

As the name suggests this type of boards are positioned in an outdoor location. These are linked to a specific network. As these are placed outside, these signages are protected by an LCD encasement from damage and burglary. New businesses can use this type of signages for advertising their brand to the public.

Information displays: These displays basically provide users the scope to search the catalog or database for their required information. The access provided to the public by these information displays are skillfully built to ensure a spontaneous interface.

Interactive Displays: Mostly interactive signages are built in the form kiosks having touch screens. However, there are other remote controlled interactive displays that operate by means of voice activation. The major public displays installed in museums and universities use this kind of signages for enabling lively presentations in order to capture the attention of a bigger audience.

 Why buy our products?

We offer Industrial Display Module Series particularly designed for the specific fields. These panels are also intended for the Advantech products which have undergone the DQA as well as QA testing inside. The well-matched cables, as well as backlight cables, are offered as a choice. Furthermore, our Industrial Display products are planned for easier amalgamation as well as it is reasonable also.

With incessant product enhancement, breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies, as well as latest services in the industrial computing arena, our company keeps the reliable mindset to host the all-in-one development program regarding industrial innovations as well as business interactions. We treasure our partnership with you as well as look forward to more widening our relationship in the future towards.