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Bay Display

Parking issues are of primary concern in highly urbanized cities and locations. There are a lot of vehicles and very few parking spaces available. In such a case, people opt for parking lots and multi-level parking bays. These parking areas not only provide ample space for parking but also are safe and secure enough to save your car from damage or theft.

Bay displays are the display units that are used in the parking bays to provide the information to the people who find difficulty in finding space in the parking bays. These units display the total strength of the parking unit, total filled spaces and left spaces. These bay displays show the location that is unoccupied from time to time and assists the people in finding the parking space easily.

The Bay Display is a part of the intelligent parking guidance system. It works simultaneously with other parts to provide all the details to the people and assist them in parking. It is ideal for mid-level parking bays where other advanced systems are not implemented. They also find wide application in two-wheeler parking lots. The users are guided to the vacant area in the bay where the users have to find the vacant slot themselves from the cluster.


  • LED dipslys
  • Multi-colored as well as single colored
  • Main display supported by multiple bay displays
  • Bright displays with auto brightness adjustment
  • Anti-glare glass to have clear view
  • Quick response and relatively low time lag
  • Reliable and durable
  • Economical
  • After sales support

Wireline bay finders were used in the past but with the technological advancements; wireless bay finders are used now which display all the information on the bay displays. The bay display is connected to the central control center and the control center is responsible for displaying each and every information that it receives from other components of the system.

Application of Bay Displays

Bay displays find application in varied circumstances. Some of the places where it is used mostly are:

  • Public parking lots
  • Hospitals
  • Office Complexes
  • Parking space for 100-500 cars
  • Parking space for more than 200 two-wheelers
  • Open as well as covered parking lots
  • Parking lots with multiple entry and exit gates

Photonplay has been manufacturing various other display units apart from the bay displays. Its experience in manufacturing different unit and models enables it to bring flexibility in design and size. We also take customized orders to manufacture specially ordered bay displays if ordered in bulk. All our products conform to the international standards and are reliable and durable.

The bay displays manufactured by our company are being used in many countries worldwide and we are also finding customers in emerging markets and developing economies. Our products are trusted and have secured a place in the industry because of the quality and after sales support that we provide. We can provide bulk order consignments in minimum time frame without compromising with the quality of the product. Send us a query or mail us your requirements and we will get back to you within one working day with exceptional offers.