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Industrial Electronic Marquee Signs

The Industrial Electronic Marquee Signs find huge applications in the industries. Be it a big industry or a smaller one, every industry likes to keep its employees informed about the project in hand, job completed and the remaining work. The LED marquee signs are the best methods to let the employees know about these details. Moreover, these marquee signs can be continuously updated and every information can reach the employees at every level without too much hard work or interrupting their work to attend the meetings.

These scrolling electronic marquee signs can be used to convey a lot of information like the monitoring of industrial results, displaying the threshold and actual environmental parameters, parameters of the products and assembly lines, temperature, humidity, and much more information related to the specific industries.

The Photonplay’s LED Marquee Signs are the result of rigorous evolution and research of more than a decade. The product is now among the benchmarks for its ease of use, quality, industrial standards and a futuristic design that can tackle a lot of issues on its own and increase the overall life of the product.

The features of the Industrial Electronic Marquee Signs of Photonplay are:

  • These products are highly compatible with all the communication devices and can be used to display all the information on the screen.
  • These products are compatible with the PLCs of all the brands and can be modified accordingly.
  • The industrial marquee signs are compatible with the HMI devices of almost every brand available in the industry.
  • The RS232 Display, RS485 MODBUS and Network RJ45 have an open protocol interface and they can easily communicate with all the software platforms that are capable of sending various data and information.
  • The easy and human readable protocols make it very effective to use and understand.


The Industrial LED signs and LED billboards come in different variants. The single or mono-colored variant comes in red, green or amber color. They can vary from 3