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Safety Scoreboards and Displays

Safety Scoreboard and display boards of Photonplay are large and eye-catching. Many organizations are now focusing on the safety and welfare of their employees. Safety scoreboards and displays have worked wonders in this direction. These electronic, LED installed display systems work on real-time and give the exact information.

Photonplay believes that Safety scoreboards are the keystone for a successful safety program. In order for organizations to have a successful safety program, they need to include regulatory, compliance, employee involvement, employee communication about safety program, precarious condition recognition, and audits are just a few to quote.

These digital boards have helped in creating an accident-free working environment. The safety scoreboards find extensive applicability in construction and manufacturing industries where higher safety standards are required as compared to other industries. The usage of safety scoreboards has helped these industries to establish a safe working environment and at the same time have fostered the authorities to take instantaneous measures in case of any casualties.  The safety display and scoreboards have helped in regaining from industrial accidents.

Photonplay has penned down few positive impacts of the safety scoreboards:

  • It raises safety awareness attitude amongst the employees
  • Regular safety talks, besides training having a safety scoreboard, can increase safety communication amongst employee. This will make employees more comfortable, employees arbitrating in precarious scenarios or reporting unsafe conditions.
  • Carelessness at the workplace is one of the most important reasons for accidents, installing safety scoreboards will increase awareness and reduced mishaps.
  • One of the unique propositions of Photonplay safety scoreboard is that it never loses the data even after the power failure. Once the functioning of the scoreboard is resumed it shows the same data that it was showing prior to power failure.

The data is displayed in a manner that it creates a positive working environment and at the same time leaves a positive impact. Photonplay manufactures a wide array of products under this category. All these safety scoreboards are manufactured using LEDs that displays information in the form of alphabet and numerals.

Where a Photonplay safety scoreboard does finds it applicability?

All the industries or companies that are into the manufacturing domain, where the likelihood of accidents is more, there is an immediate need of one of these safety scoreboards. Moreover, in general, all the companies can make a use of these safety scoreboards to generate awareness and increase the spontaneity of response towards mishap.

Our Objective

Photonplay’s goal is to provide you the best quality product at best price. We have been into this business for a long time and have won great clientele with our superior quality product. Photonplay is inviting you all to make the best use of our products to create a safe and secure environment for your employees. Our product is easy to understand and can be easily customized as per your requirement. So, now is the time to take action and get one of these digital safety scoreboards in your premises. Remember, your employee’s safety is the first step towards creation of a safe working environment.