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Group Technology And Research Center (GTRC)

The Group Technology and Research Center (GTRC) of Photonplay Inc are led by experienced and highly knowledgeable scientists and engineers. They are responsible for all the technological research and development in the company. They are our brains as they innovate and find solutions to all our problems with precision and effectiveness.

Delivering innovative products and services is the main task of the GTRC. The expertise in R&D operations enables us to stay ahead in this highly innovative market. We have been an inspiration for our group companies and with our frequent new innovation and research have become the inspiration for many competitors.

The aim of GTRC is to go for innovation and devise new technology to create the global first displays in various sub-niches. The GTRC is also given the task to find new ways to manufacture the products with improved quality and at low costs. Photonplay Inc knows that Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) acts as a boost for the innovators and researchers and thus we help our scientists and innovators to get their innovations patented. We engage with various institutions and universities to create futuristic displays and devices which would increase the ease of use of the products and also its reach.