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Electronic Led Signs

Photonplay Inc is a Display and LED Boards manufacturing company. We offer Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays and LED Message Boards to get your business the attention it deserves.

Why are the Services that we offer different from others?

We offer customers more and more latest techniques to enhance their products, some of our products chiefly include

  1. Electronic led signs– These are computerized programmable electronic visual communication devices, chiefly manufactured for the exterior environment. They are capable of storing and displaying multiple messages in dozens. These boards allow you to change your messages frequently.
  2. We have now come up with the programmable led signs as well; an electronic sign that you can effortlessly program and modify it anytime you want to. Our programmable LED Signs are available in a variety of sizes, resolution, single or full color and support different communication methods.
  3. Now we offer Digital billboards that display digital images that are tainted by a computer every few seconds. Digital billboards are chiefly used for advertising, but they can also dish up service purposes.
  4. An Electronic LED Ticker display is a great way to draw attention while communicating helpful and time to time information. Ticker services are totally wirelessand do not need a phone line, cable or satellite dish to work! Outdoor tickers are normally built as per order and are very popular with TV Stations, Newspapers, and other media and these services are provided by us too.

What makes LED displays different from any other Large Format Display (LFD) available in the market?

  • The first and most apparent advantage is that LED displays are the only product in the world that can be installed outdoor with no additional protection; by itself, the screen is waterproof and dust proof.
  • The second and third greatest advantages are the total elasticity in terms of sizing and shaping,
  • And here we are with the 4th advantage when you have to add physically to monitor to attain large formats or special shapes with any other display technologies, LED screens will always be seamless and produce no bezel.
  • The 5th advantage, let’s now talk about the four special features of picture quality that make visual impact of LED displays stunning and unique. Powered by high-quality mechanism

Why only Us?

Only we at Photonplay offer electronic product design services to the companies during the complete product lifecycle from the preliminary stage of conceiving the idea to the product launch in the market with the brand name of the client. Our team consists of extremely experienced and professional experts of the industry and they are capable of their work to provide a quality product in minimum time. Once the product is conceived, we take maximum care to keep the production cost and operating cost as low as possible without compromising the quality of the device.   We also provide higher research and development services to our client for the products we have by now designed.