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Digital Signage

With the advent of the new technology like LCDs and LEDs, the world of advertisement and signage has completely changed. Prior to their introduction in this field, people used to employ painted boards and neon lights to advertise their establishment or inform the customers. The painted boards were next to permanent, i.e. the content in these boards could not be changed on a daily basis. If you had to change the contents, you had to change the whole setup. Moreover, it required more time to paint a bigger image or a message. After the neon lights replaced them, the cost of changing the data became all the more rigid as you would not like to get them replaced very often by paying a whopping price. Then came the LED billboards and LED signs and the rest is history.

LED signs can be used to display a customized message which can be changed whenever you want and here is no limit as to how many times could it be changed. You can put a new message every other day. It takes not more than a couple of minutes to change the message and this flexibility has made these boards extremely popular. The LED boards these days come in various shapes and sizes and the digital LED Signage developed by Photonplay can be customized as per the requirements of the client. Moreover, with the introduction of new ad advanced multi-colored LED displays the game has changed altogether. The LED boards have got the capability to display the images as well and they consume very less power when compared with the neon lights that were used in the past.

The features of our programmable LED display boards are:

  • Highly customizable to suit every need of the client
  • Bright display with the feature of auto-brightness control
  • Clearly visible from a distance
  • Single, two, three or multi-colored displays
  • Power saving
  • Dust and dirt resistant
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • No effect of moisture and humidity makes it useful for outdoor conditions
  • The content of the board is easy to modify or update
  • Less costly
  • Conforms to the international Standards

The programmable LED signs can be used to display any message and its wireless connectivity with the internet allows it to display even live contents from a server. The digital signage LED boards find application in various fields. Some of them are as follows:

  • Restaurants, bars and hotels
  • Highway inns
  • Petrol and gas stations
  • Train and metro stations
  • Research centers
  • Recreational and Amusement parks
  • Theatres and event houses

The LED signs developed by Photonplay have an advantage over the others as it has both in-house manufacturing unit as well as the software development center. It enables it to embed the product with the software with more efficiency. The LED signs are available for the clients in more than twelve countries worldwide and all our products conform to the international standards. Please contact us if you have not bought our futuristic and realistic products till now. We will get back to you with our best quote within 24 hours of your communication.