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Data Loggers and Data terminals

Data loggers are one of the most important elements in data acquisition systems. These systems take in data by scanning variety of measurement sensors. These systems help in storing the entire data in memory after some programmed calculations by converting the data to measurements of different units. So, looking at the present day requirements of data acquisition systems, data loggers have become widely useful. These systems are not just used for storing data and performing calculations. They are also used to transmit data for sharing, analysis and controlling external devices. These devices are equipped with microprocessors and have internal memory for data storage. So, data loggers are used widely for some purpose or the other. Being one of the most important devices to be used now, reliability is one factor that has to be taken care of. That’s what is taken care of by Photonplay.

What does Photonplay offer?

Photonplay is one stop solution provider for Data Loggers used for data acquisition. Being, in the domain for years now, has helped Photonplay know the requirements of the customers and that is one added advantage that our customers get along with quality products that are there in store. Along with Data loggers, Photonplay also offers Data Terminals and other products which are used immensely in today’s market.

Some of the specifications of the products are as follows:

  • Data loggers have inbuilt power regulators and the battery can be charged on site
  • They are flexible to measuring multiple current sensors and analog voltage as well.
  • These systems have a very simple setup.
  • These can help send encrypted and secure messages.
  • They have internal memory of 10 MB flash used for data storage and dedicated 2 MB for operating system which may differ with the type of product.


Now, there are various benefits having these products as they are multi-purpose products and can cater to wide range of requirements. Being, multi-purpose is not just what the products are, these also have very low maintenance cost and can operate at very low powers.  These benefits make these products power efficient as they can work efficiently with less power input.

There are various other benefits associated with data loggers as well and some of them are listed below:

  1. Data Loggers being compact, have in house battery which powers the system. These batteries can be charged on site very easily. These devices also have inbuilt power regulator which regulates the usage of power in every process.
  2. These devices have very simple setup process make it easier to get it installed.
  3. Data loggers are very flexible in their application. They can be used for measuring current sensors and multiple pulse output.
  4. These systems also help send email messages and alarms. The email messages are all encrypted for data security.


Why buy our product?

Every Business strengthens by providing best in class products and constant customer support. This is synonymous to how Photonplay works. Photonplay manufactures high tech products and along with that provides the best customer support which makes it a unique and the greatest manufacturer of Data Loggers and Data Terminals.  Photonplay also offers various other products in store such as led display devices and other automation systems.

So, Why Wait? Catch us now and become the testimony of new modern technological innovation.