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Code of Conduct

Photonplay Inc has its own code of conduct which has enabled the enterprise to thrive in this cutthroat competitive market. All the employees as well as the employers are bound to the code and practice them in the daily environment within the company premises to ensure no confrontations takes place inside the company. Each and every person inside the premise of the company is entitled to adhere to the rules and regulations formulated from time to time by the governing body so that the daily functioning of the company runs smoothly.

The smooth flow of work and information within the company is a result of proper adherence to the codes of conduct. This increases the brotherhood among the peers and at the hierarchical levels and helps in developing a friendly atmosphere where everyone can be assisted by everyone else in the hour of need.

We have the same code of conduct as a normal company follows. But where we are different from other companies is the way in which these codes are implemented. We follow zero tolerance towards the defaulters and they are punished accordingly and the victims compensated in the similar fashion. We expect all our employees to follow the codes and keep the environment of the premise a holistic one. This helps in increasing the overall efficiency of the company and brings positivity in the company’s atmosphere.