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Bus Shelter Display Systems

Bus Shelters are present at the bus stop or the place from where the passengers board the bus. Compared to the past times, these bus shelter display were printed with only limited information but with the advancement of technology, they have now been replaced with LED transit display which works on real-time hence the passengers always get accurate information.

This LED bus display can be used for disseminating various information like the route of the bus, next bus arrival, halt at a particular bus stop , bus number etc. Photonplay believes that agility is the key ingredient for a successful product. The bus stop LED display is a product that can be customized as per the need of the client. You can easily mount this LED bus display on walls, poles or in the ceiling. Moreover, these LED displays have a multi-faceted utility, apart from being used for routine information, the display system it can be used to advertise, spread social messages, general greetings etc. Hence they form a good alternative source of revenue generation.

Key Highlights of Photonplay Bus Stop LED Display:

Out-and-out all the products under the umbrella of Photonplay are an emblem of excellence with features that makes them unparalleled compared to other products in the market. Here are some of the striking features of bus stop LED display that will compel you to buy one of these:

  • The system has the capability to display maximum fonts and works on real-time
  • Single color to multi-color LED display
  • LCD-TFT modules are also available
  • Rugged and robust frame making it fit to work efficiently under all weather conditions
  • Can be easily installed on poles, walls and in ceilings
  • Clear visibility even from a long distance
  • Communication is through RS652 /RS 232
  • GPS supported information display
  • All the text is in compliance with ADA
  • Networks with other displays and controller
  • Tough frame saves it from vandalism

The bus shelter LED display is becoming an integral part of bus transportation system. To a great extent they have changed the way bus transportation used to work. Photonplay’s bus shelter display is not only easy on the pocket but is energy efficient. Being GPS enabled makes all the information accurate and up to date. Moreover, our customer support makes it easier for people to use this product.

Photonplay has redefined technology usage by making it more user-friendly and easy to install. We have always made sure that all our products are based on modern technology hence our research team keeps on introducing new developments in our projects.

We are inviting you to come and use our products that will be ultimately beneficial for you. The world is moving fast and if you want to move at the same pace then all your systems and devices need to be fast and au fait. Our bus shelter display will not only simplify the job the driver and conductor but will also aid the authorities to easily manage the huge traffic of commuters.

Get in touch with us to know more about our products.