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What Can Game Developers Learn From Road Safety?

In this age of globalization, people lead a fast life. Humans are so busy in their daily work that sometimes they mess up. But if that happens on road, the damage may be more severe. Road safety has become even more vital than before. The government has issued various policies and rules to ensure public safety. But due to increasing number of vehicles has led to problems like accidents, traffic jams, and rash driving. These problems are caused because the public isn’t aware of the hazards of breaking the safety rules. Technology like led variable message signs or ticker tapes can be used for proper traffic management.

Ticker tapes are a multi-utility product that is used to display information with the help of LED lights. These ticker tapes can display information in real time after connecting to the local network. They are used to display information in real time in places like Airports, railway stations, stock exchanges, sports stadiums, etc. Many schools, colleges, and hospitals are also integrating them for information broadcasting. Many sports stadiums use led sports ticker to display the status of the game being played. These sports tickers show the latest game scores, schedules, with vibrant and colorful team logos.

Ticker tapes can be customized easily and can be used in a variety of situations. They are also affordable. This has made them instantly popular as they cut down cost in setting up of information boards. Ticker tapes are available in a variety of sizes and you can get a perfect match to your need easily. Game developers can learn from the multivariate utility of ticker tapes to provide public safety information to the players. Many games are made for making people aware of road safety. If children are shown road safety tips while playing games, they will pay more attention to rules when they grow up.

Game developers can impose penalties on players when they break rules in the game. When the players suffer penalties, they will stop their poor behavior. Also, facility to report poor behavior by others should be provided. Those you report bad behavior should be rewarded. This may just be a simple thank you. Usually, when playing a game, players stare continuously at the screen. By giving road safety tips on the loading screen of the game will ensure that the information has been delivered. Thus it helps in instilling road safety importance in the minds of the younger generation.

Various places where led ticker tapes are used

  1. Hospitals and medical centers – Ticker tapes are used to display information regarding doctor, ward numbers, and queues for billing and appointments.
  2. Banks and financial institutions – They are used to display various messages and even latest plans and policies launched.
  3. Stock Market – In stock market ticker tapes are used to display information regarding the status of stocks of different companies.
  4. Sports stadiums – These show current game status including the scores, teams playing and time remaining in the game.
  5. Public Transportation – Ticker tapes are especially useful in railway stations, airports, and bus stations to keep the passengers updated about the departure and arrival of their transportation.

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