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Unexpected Benefits of Variable Message Signs and Radar Speed Signs

There are a huge number of speed signs which is used by traffic control to manage the traffic management and avoid accidents. If you are going long drive to any place, you have to observe many speed signs and traffic rules to avoid accidents.

Variable Message Signs Benefits:

The VMS is otherwise known as Variable Message Sign. The VMS is the key element of dynamic traffic management system. Installed in open motorways and tunnels, the variable message sign warn and inform drivers with messages according to current incidents, urgent traffic regulations, and traffic conditions. The VMS is the light emitting diode technology display product. The VMS is the driver’s information resource about accidents, emergencies and traffic incidents. The VMS displays motorist’s information which is sent by monitoring and traffic control center either manually or automatically.

The VMS is the programmable display which displays text messages collected of symbols, letters or both. It is broadly applicable to traffic and highway control equipment. The VMS display instructions and messages for motorists backing the wheels depending on the situation. This helps the drivers to improve their driving conditions. A VMS boards contain light emitting diodes that are available in three colors such as mono-colored, multicolored and two-colored.

The VMS board is the best way to send the text messages in the new fashion. The VMS board is one of the safest ways for alerting the motorists about dynamic changes in road conditions and traffic arrangements. This device can easily sense the drivers about work zones, lane merging & closures, diversions, parking bays and other similar blockades. The VMS boards utilize the advanced technologies to provide instant and accurate details to the peoples those who are driving on the roads. The VMS boards are in bright displays to allow the motorists to see it easily in wide daylight.

Radar Speed Sign Features:

RSS is termed as Radar Speed Sign. The Radar Speed Sign is also known as a Vehicle-activated sign or Driver Feedback Signs. Why is radar speed sign important in the cities? It is the traffic calming device which is designed to avoid any type of accidents depending on speedy vehicles in that specific zone. The Radar Speed Sign is being utilized across the country and around the globe because the RSS are effective at slow speeding motorists down. The Radar Speed Sign provides motorist feedback signs which are easy to operate, attractive and affordable. The speed display is well-suited for use by DOT employees, law enforcement agencies, airports, industrial plants, and schools.

The RSS is one of the best electronic devices which display dynamic speed of vehicles in real-time. The main aim of RSS is to slow down your vehicles as they move by making the motorists aware while they cross permissible speed limits. An interactive sign consists of LEDs series with the RADAR device which receives and sends the signals. The Radar Speed Signs can be utilized by cities and towns, neighborhoods, school zones, daycare, work zones, parks etc.


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