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Digital Bumper Stickers

Electronic bumper stickersare used to share your thoughts and feelings with the road in a whole new way! A road tested, low power LCD display that mounts on the back of your car and displays your bumper stickers for all to see: rugged construction high brightness full color LCD screen designed for outdoor applications and sunlight readability, IP65 tested (no problem taking it through the car wash). Scrolling electronic Signs In…

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Why Investing In Road Safety Is Worth Every Penny

If you think safety is expensive, try an accident. An accident which causes a fatality or serious injury is the most dreaded scenario in the business. For drivers, the thought of being involved in a collision with a vulnerable road user will strike fear into hearts nationwide and particularly into the hearts of those who operate commercial vehicles. Vehicles must be fitted with side guards to prevent cyclists being dragged under…

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The railroad crossing result into traffic management problem that have impact not only on the traffic flow efficiency but traffic safety as well. Crossings that are located around the freeway exits cause traffic problems, because the long closures often result in long queues of vehicle which spread back into the freeway lanes. The best solutions for tackling this major issue was analysed by finding the use of variable message displays…

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A Ticker Tape With The Poise Of A Contemporary Art Piece

Ticker tape uses technology like LED, LCD to illustrate contents. It can display content as digital pictures, video and streaming information. The tape is always in motion and data in ticker tape updated continuously by the different stock exchanges. With the help of ticker tape, you can follow the activities of stocks. Stock market ticker display is an important tool to display updated market information continuously. Its basic purpose is to advertise…

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Qualities Of Sports Ticker

Led Sports Ticker finds its use in sports canteen in sports stadiums where a number of fans and supporters meet together and collaborate and enjoy. It is installing for enjoying the event. Be up to date with live sports news and RSS feeds which can be directly integrated with the ticker tape display. Led Sports Ticker Display creates a use friendly atmosphere because of its electronic system. It is a… Read More »


If you recently had a road trip then you must have noticed that led variable message signs are now being used to provide information to the travellers. In the era of technology, variable message signs has been used widely throughout the world. When it is important to pass information to travellers, nothing can replace the modern dynamic message signs which comes with cutting edge technology and also with bouquet of features. Imagine…

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These days police departments and cities around the nation all know the usefulness of radar speed signs. While people see that the sign may accurately notice their speed, it slows them down; therefore, these signs are active tools in reducing traffic down to a harmless speed. If you need to use the greatest type of radar sign for an area, you might need to consider a radar speed sign which…

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Modern Technology Of The Message Sign Helps To Reduce Speed Of The Vehicle

Variable message signs can be positioned in a wide variety of places like major road junctions, highways, as well as urban arteries. Naturally installed above or at the side the highway, the VMS customs graphics and text in monochrome or color. The flexibility of variable message signs creates them appropriate for providing traffic info for a variety of circumstances comprising emergencies, construction, plus road closures. The VMS may also be…

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Effective Ways To Manage Traffic By Using Traffic Signs

Around the World, Vehicular traffic is  becoming a chronic problem and practically there is no solution headed by  the government and Urban Planners.  The Rate of accidents are increasing with the population growth. We need to overcome from this problem very soon as it is becoming a svere headache for everyone. With the growing technology, many Companies took steps to manage traffic  with many ways by making driver feedback sign.…

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Radar Speed Signs, An Ultimate Approach To Get Over The Mishaps And To Create Alerts

To lessen any inquiries with respect to the current posted speed and catch the consideration of drivers. Variable message signs are outlined with a few protected advances including Ultra Clear contrast upgrading innovation and Safety Mask innovation, both of which help guarantee our speed displays are found in a wide range of climate and street conditions. With this sensational visibility, drivers in a split second appreciate the display. They perceive…

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