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Led Based FIDS

Display systems are a part of every airport operation management operations, be it small airports or big airports. Display systems are used for the passengers to get real-time updates on the arrival and departure of the flights. These systems are also used at the check-in counters make the process easier both for the commuters and the airport authorities. Photonplay provides cutting edge and high tech display systems for Airport usage.

What are display systems and how they operate?

Flight Information Display systems for airports can be of few types. The display systems provide real-time information about the flight arrival and departure to the passengers making it simple for the commuters.

  • Led display systems have some of the following features:
  • These systems have Led matrix based technology.
  • They work over the 3G/4G network for on the fly connectivity.
  • Passenger flight information systems or PIDS use centralized or specific computer systems to control the information showing up on the display boards.
  • These systems are visibly bright and have very sharp screen high pixel density.

Being the source of information at the airport, these devices are big enough to be visible to all the passengers. These devices have high resolution and have high readability with high font size which makes it easier for the passengers to get information from the display device from a longer distance. The display systems cannot lag behind the actual time in any way. So, work on a real time mechanism with digital clock fit in to keep it in sync with the actual time. In airports, mostly led display systems are used. These are also called LED-based FIDS which are linked to the airport operation database fetching and displaying real-time data to the customers. These display systems are located at multiple locations in the airport and are all controlled by a computer system. Most of the airports also have led display devices for specific terminals or major airlines.

System flight information system is not just one thing that Photonplay offers. There are various other products that Photonplay serves making it a comprehensive manufacturing and delivery store.

Why choose our products?

Photonplay has a varied range of led information display systems for all kinds of requirements. Being in the industry for years now has helped us keep up with the requirements of our customers and people around searching for best in a class led display systems. Driven by customers our products are a class apart and along with that, we offer all round support post sales as well. We are one of the largest manufacturers of the modern day led display systems and have always been open to feedbacks from customers and will always be as we believe that’s what has carried us this far.

Catch us to know about more offerings. Call us right now and we will be at your service.