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Display systems have been in great demand for over the years. These systems are almost used everywhere and more so at the airports. Being the source of information for passengers, these systems help in communicating with the passengers providing them flight information. These displays are also widely used at the check-in counters. So, while display devices have always been in use everywhere, they have been widely used in airports for various needs. Some airports don’t announce and in those cases, it is just the flight information display system on which the passengers rely on. These display systems have to be very reliable as thousands of people depend on it. We, at Photonplay, are here to provide you the best in class display device systems and automation solutions.

What does Photonplay offer?

Photonplay offers best-in-class display devices which have found tremendous importance in the present day world. These systems have not just been a part of the day to day work in some sector or the other, but also have made their foothold in this domain. System flight information system has led display systems disseminating real-time updates to the passengers. These displays are very much essential in metros, airports, and buses not majorly for displaying information for the passengers, but also for advertisements. In airports, the display systems display flight information all together for the passengers. There are various kinds of display systems that Photonplay offers, to be used in airports. There can be LED display boards or LCD-TFT screens that are to be used in airports.

Bus transit signs give next stop displays. Airports have led based PIDS and some of the features are as follows:

  • These systems are reliable and durable.
  • These are energy efficient with optimized software.
  • These display arrival and departure of flights in real time.
  • These display devices can be easily programmed.
  • These are lightweight devices to be easily installed.
  • Display devices are of high resolution with HD Pixel.

There are numerous benefits of these display systems. In airports, FIDS are fit to give information about the arrival and departure of flights.

  • These systems are accurate and can be integrated with already set infrastructure
  • These systems can be used in medium, small and big airports as the basic principle of operation are same.
  • Display systems provide visualizations which are very simple to understand and precise.
  • The display led systems always provide accurate real-time data and work swiftly.

Why our products?

Photonplay has always been customer driven. They have driven the way Photonplay does business. Being the largest manufacturer of best in class display systems and automation kits does not take away the role of feedbacks from customers. Customers have been important to us and along with robust systems in store, what we provide is comprehensive pre and post-sales support to our customers and that’s what makes us unique among all others.

Have you been trying for display systems and service? What are you waiting for then? Contact us now to know more offers and we will be at your service.