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Check-in Counter Displays

We see big display boards in airports flashing information about the arrival and departure of flights. But, do we know how such devices operate and how can they be so accurate in providing real-time information to the passengers; perhaps not. All airports have display devices at the check-in counters or big display panels hanging at multiple locations and giving information about flights to the passengers. These devices become more important in airports where there are no announcements and passengers have only the display devices to rely on.

While we already know the importance of such devices in airports, we might not know the way they are manufactured with specific features for airport information display systems.

Manufactured display devices for airport and check in counters

While display devices are imperative in airports, it is also important to have reliable and durable display devices which are optimized to provide better performance. That’s where Photonplay beats everyone else in the market and stands out among all manufacturing and providing high-performance display devices to be put up in airports for disseminating flight information to the passengers. These display systems are also used at the check-in counters making the process easier for the passengers and they are called check-in counter displays. It is absolutely convenient for the passengers with the displays devices being used at the check-in counters as the led display devices facilitate the process of check-in. The display devices used in check-in counters have specific features and specifications and work in a particular manner.

  • These check-in counter display systems have advanced multimedia functionality.
  • They work on optimized operating systems
  • Working of these devices is very swift and accurate
  • High resolution screens for better readability
  • These devices fetch date from a centrally stored computer system

When it comes to the benefits and importance of Airport display panels, the list will never end. Display devices are used to ease the process of check-in for passengers. Along with the display boards used for checking counters, the led display devices are placed at multiple locations in the airport for providing information to the passengers. These devices can be airlines specific or specific to a particular terminal. Photonplay provides best in class display products which are not just durable, reliable but also added multimedia features with weather condition being shown up on the screens at the airport. This helps the passengers to have a flexible schedule or be flexible when it comes to their journey.

Why is our service unique?

Photonplay products have always been associated with quality. Quality ensures customer satisfaction per se. Along with manufacturing quality products for our customers, we also ensure all round support to our customers anytime and anywhere. This is what has made us the largest led display device manufacturers which are also customized according to the requirements if need be, in a short period of time.

If you have been hunting for such a device, we are here. Just call us and we will get your work done.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate vision.